The Live Like a German Concept

In this short video Bettina Kraft talks about the Live Like a German idea and concept. How do you live like a German during your Germany vacation? What are the benefits? Bettina provides a quick overview and illustrates the advantages of personalized vacation packages. She describes how Live like a German works together with local property owners and residents to come up with truly unique trip plans. Bettina points out that besides obvious advantages (e.g., more space, convenience, immerse into the German culture) the Live Like a German vacation style will save you 30% to 40% of the costs compared to staying in a hotel.

About Live Like a German ...

Live Like a German, founded in 2007, is a global travel web site, helping international travelers to easily find and book quality vacation rentals in Germany. We’re focusing on select clean, charming, and inviting holiday apartments in safe local neighborhood and communities.

The "Live Like a German" idea started when the Kraft family was trying to rent their own vacation property in Germany, and realized how difficult and expensive it was for a property owner to list their apartments. Exiting portals were charging a high price of several hundred dollars with no real guarantee of success. Furthermore, many friends of the Kraft family were asking for local travel tips and advice to plan their Germany vacation.

The journey started when the Kraft family decided to build a small and personal web site to rent our their own apartment and added also local Germany travel guides. Soon local property owners asked whether they can also list their apartment on Live Like a German. The site gradually gained popularity and organically grew to now over 2,000 destinations in Germany, allowing travelers to find and book over 12,000 vacation apartments.

What makes us special is that we’re native Germans and Germany experts, aim to provide you with superb customer service. We know Germany well, and Live Like a German customers can benefit from our knowledge. To sum up, on Live Like a German you’re just one click away from vacationing in Germany!

Why book with Live Like a German?

We make it easy and convenient for you to book a vacation apartment in Germany:

We screen vacation apartments before listing them on our site to make sure they are valid, legit, and overall satisfy our stringent quality requirements.

We help you find a vacation rental that meets your needs: Our web site is organized to allow efficient browsing and filtering of vacation apartments so that you can narrow down your choices quickly.

For more complex travel requirements we work with you directly and offer a hotline and telephone support.

We check apartment availability for you, verify whether we can take advantage of any special offers or last-minute deals, and take care of all the paperwork with the property owner.

We also take care of the payment processing, which can become quite a hassle when having to deal with international money transfers or even international credit card payments. You pay us with Paypal or Google checkout and we make sure the property owner in Germany receives the money timely so secure your reservation.

Avoid being victim of common fraud and scam techniques on the Internet by working with a trusted provider of vacation rentals who is successfully in business for many years.

We have an automated booking system in place that minimizes the risk of double-bookings.

We work with hundreds of different property owners in Germany and therefore can provide you with great flexibility in case of changes come up in your travel itinerary.

Let us help you discover Germany!

Our web site offers comprehensive and detailed Germany travel resources, along with guidance and advice on where to go and what to do, and help with planning your stay in Germany.

We provide a personal telephone hotline so you will always have a local expert at your disposal in case you have questions, need help making reservations, or encounter any language barrier.

Why should you stay at our places when you visit Germany?

IBCIM.ORG Merchant Certified Seal of Approval and Trust Seal We offer numerous original trip plans, vacation ideas, and also a variety of vacation packages for your trip to Germany, including a wide range of quality vacation apartments and local attractions of interest to families and individuals alike. So what makes our offer so different and special?

Unlike the typical tourist who stays in a hotel and visits typical tourist attractions, you will experience Germany and its culture from a more personal angle. You can stay in a vacation apartment within an historic old town, and even shop and prepare your own food, if you like. You can really live like a German on your vacation.

We are highly selective and only offer top apartments that adhere to our stringent quality standards. We work with the owners directly, so you won't have to worry about language problems.

Many of our property owners provide special and unique services to our customers. Some of these are offered complimentary or for a small fee! For example, they may provide you with daily breakfast service with local food specialities, organize tickets for a day trip, or give you special insider tips and even personal tour guidance! We work closely with each of them to provide you with a unique and personal vacation experience that is difficult to reproduce when staying in standard a tourist hotel.

We do all the paperwork for you, including payment processing, so you won't have to worry about international rental contracts, or how to wire Euros to Germany. We will make it as easy as possible to book your vacation. Also, as fraud on the Internet in the area of vacation rentals is increasing you can rely and trust that we provide you with quality vacation rentals and trustworthy property owners, with whom we do business with for many years.

We will stay in touch with you before, during, and after your vacation. We want to address any questions that may arise, so we'll give you a personal telephone hotline to use. You can rely on us. If a problem comes up (e.g., with appliances, heating, or other issues), we will contact the owner of the property so as to resolve the problem.

We offer a comprehensive website with detailed destination guides, vacation apartments, special vacation packages, travel resources, and much, much more. Our website has been designed with the latest internet technologies and search capabilities to make it easy to use and to help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently. We are constantly expanding and updating our services and hope that becomes your primary source for any topic on travel to Germany. If you like our site, please spread the word and recommend us to your friends!

While there are a number of German vacation sites on the internet, the value of the services and vacation experiences we offer is, quite simply, unmatched. Let us prove it to you, and make your vacation the experience of a lifetime!

Why I like this web site ...

"Easy to use and generally I get the information I seek, if not, then it is easy to email LLAG afterwards."

Ask a Local for special travel insider tips!

We make it easy for you to post your travel questions and get them answered by local residents and our property owners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This way you get unqiue travel tips, personalized to your needs. Just type in your destination in the search box and go to your desired destination guide. From there look for the "Ask a Local" box, type in your question and submit. Typically you'll get 2-3 responses within less than 24 hours.

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