Advertising on Live Like a German

Live Like a German reaches every month more than 60,000 unique users (number is growing), which are primarily interested in learning about Germany related travel topics. Our audience is highly engaged and very active. In addition to the Live Like a German web site we have also a growing number of fans on Facebook (> 28,000 as of April 2014), and many followers on Twitter, as well as an active Flickr community with over 800 members. We're using social media as a way of cross-promoting our content / special offers and to further engage our users — and now you can take advantage of this!

We decided to offer a few advertising options if you're interested to reach this target audience and have relevant content or services that could be of value to our readers. However, we have a very high quality threshold for advertising content to keep the site interesting and not cluttered with bad ads.

At this point we offer solutions for:


Germany Tour Operators and Germany Vacation Package Providers

Please check back often for additional advertising options as we are continiously updating and refining our advertising products. Just send us an in case of specific questions related to advertising opportunities.


We use Google Adsense as the primary source for contextual ads. Various placements and ad formats are supported. In case you're interested in other advertising opportunities on Live Like a German please contact us directly.

Germany Tour Operators and Germany Vacation Package Providers

Live Like a German is building up a collection of unique vacation packages (see some examples of our current vacation package portfolio). If you're a tour operator or vacation package provider focusing on Germany vacation packages we have a great advertising opportunity for you!

List your vacation packages on Live Like a German!

We list your vacation package as part of our vacation package offering. It will have a preview as seen on the vacation package browsing page plus a full description with all the details, pricing, photos, and a full itinerary (see an exammple vacation package detail page). There is no extra work for you in setting up this listing. You just provide us with a web page (or document with the vacation package details, pictures, etc.) where we can copy the relevant content and we will integrate it into our other vacation package listings as a comprehensive vacation package.


We want to make this affordable and worthwhile for you:

There is only a one-time setup fee of currently $40 that covers the cost for getting your vacation package content online.

If translation is required in addition we charge an extra $20.

Unlike other advertising solutions we do not require a recurring subscription or renewal fees, since we believe in performance based compensation.

You only pay $10 for each lead / inquiry that we're sending to you.

Your ad content stays online as long as you want and you can always have it removed if no longer needed.

How to signup?

If you're interested please send us an and we will work with you on getting your vacation packages listed as quickly as possible (see also additional contact options.