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"My husband's grandfather always wanted to visit Allendorf because our last name is Allendorf and also because he moved away from Germany at a young age. He didn't remember much, but always said he would like to visit just once. After he died, my husband and I have looked for more info on taking a vacation to or near Allendorf. " (posted 05/07/2014)

Allendorf is a beautiful old village with about 5700 inhabitants. There are many traditional half-timbered houses. It lies in a beautiful valley near the Sauerland, so that one can walk a lot and enjoy nature. In Allendorf there is a local history museum and the first weekend in October, a traditional vintage and cattle market is held. On the 2nd Advent sunday, there is a Christmas market. Allendorf is only 30 kilometers, approximately 30 minutes drive, away from my free-standing holiday house in Langewiese, so you are also close to Winterberg with many attractions and offers.
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  • Edersee
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    The Edersee is a reservoir in Waldeck-Frankenberg, Hesse, Germany.

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Allendorf (Eder) Overview

Allendorf lies in the upper Eder Valley between Frankenberg and Battenberg west of the Burgwald range and east of the Breite Struth (hills).

Allendorf borders in the north on the community of Bromskirchen, in the east on the town of Frankenberg, in the southeast on the community of Burgwald, and in the south and west on the town of Battenberg (all in Waldeck-Frankenberg).

Things to See in Allendorf (Eder)

The Battenfeld Church is a Romanesque cross-shaped basilica from the 12th and 13th centuries within which are preserved two case bays in the nave and the crossing with groin vaults and a domelike vault in the quire.

The Allendorf Old Church (Alte Kirche Allendorf) is from late Gothic times and has a bulky quire tower whose flat spire (tented on all sides with a short roof ridge) is set on the long sides with two bay windows, giving it an interesting profile. It was built in 1496.

Rennertehausen Church is a half-timbered church from 1609 with a loft and interesting pulpit.

Haine Church is a half-timbered, opulently decorated church. It was built in 1676.

The Altes Steinbackhaus ("Old Stone Bakehouse") is in Rennertehausen, at Im Wiesenhof 9.

There are local history museums in outlying centres.

The Stedefelsen (crags), 200 m downstream from Rennertehausen's Eder weir, are a geological treasure from Zechstein times.

The Historical Border between Hesse-Darmstadt and Hesse-Kassel (or Hesse-Cassel) runs through the municipal area from north to south. Many border stones – the oldest from 1650 – are preserved and looked after.

There are many fine half-timbered houses in all centres.

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More about the History of Allendorf (Eder)

In 1107, Allendorf had its first documentary mention as Count Kunimund's donation to the Imperial Abbey of Hersfeld. The community passed with the Amt of Battenberg first to the High Principality (Oberfürstentum) of Marburg (Marburg vacation rentals | Marburg travel guide) in 1567, and then to Hesse-Darmstadt in 1623. In 1866, it became part of the Prussian district of Battenberg, in 1932 the Frankenberg district, and in 1974 the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. Since Hesse's municipal reforms in 1971, Allendorf (Eder) with the outlying centres of Battenfeld, Rennertehausen, Haine and Osterfeld (Osterfeld vacation rentals | Osterfeld travel guide) form a community on the broad Eder plains.

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Allendorf (Eder) is a municipality in Waldeck-Frankenberg in Hesse, Germany.

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