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Allendorf (Gießen) Overview

Allendorf is on the Lumda, a small left tributary of the Lahn. The city is surrounded by mountains between 320 and almost 400 m above sea level. Großräumig is the region between the Lahn and Vogelsberg.

Things to See in Allendorf (Gießen)

City Library

Künstlerhof Arnold with historical exhibitions and workshops

Heimatmuseum Kirchstraße (opens on the 1st Sunday of the month;) Otherwise by appointment

'50s Museum across from the Museum (Kirchstraße)

Stadtturm and Reste der Stadtmauer

Evangelische Kirche Allendorf

Evangelische Kirche Climbach

Evangelische Kirche Winnen

Lutherische Kirche "Zionsgemeinde" (SELK)

Jewish cemeteries in the urban core and in the district Nordeck

Burg Nordeck with Burgkapelle

Wasserturm Climbach

Fachwerk-Altstadt Truss

Stone Age caves near the Dead Mountain

Ringwall, probably of Celtic origin, on Totenberg

Kunstweg Lumdatal: basalt sculptures along the cycle path Lumda - Wieseck

Schulbauernhof Tannenhof

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More about the History of Allendorf (Giessen)

Between 780 and 802, the name "old Dorfa" (later Allendorf) in the fuldaischen gift registries on the scene. In 1323 the city rights was awarded by Landgrave Otto I. In 1971 the municipality of the city Climbach and Allendorf (Lumda) were incorporated. Then, in 1976, the cities of Nordeck and Winnen joined as well.

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Allendorf is a small town in the district of Gießen, in Hesse, Germany. It is situated on the small river Lumda, 16 km south of Marburg, and 14 km northeast of Gießen.

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