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"Are there any markets, concerts or events in Alpirsbach or Schiltach area end of September (for 2 weeks. Kind regards Eric Blundell" (posted 08/27/2015)

Dear Mr Blundell, please see the web pages of Alpirsbach http://www.stadt-alpirsbach.de/de/Aktuell/Veranstaltungen/Veranstaltungssuche or Schiltach for Further Details http://www.schiltach.de/de/Aktuell/Veranstaltungen Best Regards Thomas Arnold
Answer provided by Thomas Arnold on 08/27/2015
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Good day, here in Alpirsbach is on 4 Oct. autumn market and 1 week later, the Farmer's Market in Schiltach. In Alpirsbach the guided tour of the monastery is possible every day, as every day a tour of the brewery museum. Concerts and theater are offered in the fall only in our county town of Freudenstadt. Here in Alpirsbach we have a cinema in the monastery (the Subiaco-cinema), where daily selected / good movies are offered. Im Kinzigtal many small towns can be visited (Schiltach, Wolfach, Haslach, Gengenbach, etc. / see also the brochure "sights in the Kinzigtal" that is printed in different languages). In addition, the open air museum "Vogt Farm" is about 30 km from Alpirsbach away and a ride on the Black Forest Railway from Hausach to Villingen a real experience. All this is also in the September / October very nice, especially if no longer so much traffic on the roads. After payment of the tourist tax, guests can easily travel for free by train and bus throughout the Black Forest. Alpirsbach also has a train station, which departs every hour a train to Offenburg and Freudenstadt.
Answer provided by Rosemarie Harter on 08/27/2015
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Alpirsbach Overview

Alpirsbach is a town in the district of Freudenstadt (Freudenstadt vacation rentals | Freudenstadt travel guide) in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is situated in the Black Forest on the Kinzig river, 13 km south of Freudenstadt.

Alpirsbach located in the upper Kinzig in the Swabian part of the Black Forest. The city is made up of seven districts.

Things to See in Alpirsbach

Black Forest landscape

Abbey Church in Alpirsbach

Museum für Stadtgeschichte

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu mit Museum

Alpirsbacher Glasbläserei

Local tips:

  • Alte Kloster with many events like concerts and movies in the summer open air.
  • a beautiful spa gardens
  • many upscale restaurants, cozy cafes and traditional pubs
  • outdoor pool, a golf course, mini golf, tennis courts, bowling alleys
  • many cycle routes
  • beautiful hiking trails and themed walks
  • Many shops, supermarkets, bakers, butchers, Chocolateries
  • Famous brewery "Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu" with brewery tours
  • glass blowing
  • Trinkwassertalsperre
  • Historical print
  • Silver Lake (small romantic lake)
  • Winter ski lifts and trails
  • Europa-Park in Rust
  • Lake Constance
  • Waterfalls in Triberg
  • Allerheiligen
  • largest market place in Germany in Freudenstadt

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More about the History of Alpirsbach

At the end of the 17th century, mining for gold, silver, and cobalt was very prevalent in the city. With people getting rich, it lead to the downfall in the local political system. People slowly came back and in the municipal reform in 1948, the city fell under the leadership of the Landkreis Freudenstadt.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Alpirsbach is located near the upper Kinzig River in the Swabian part of the Black Forest (Baden-Württemberg). The Black Forest is known for its beautiful landscape, and lovers of the outdoors will find plenty to do in this area. While in Alpirsbach, do not miss an opportunity to visit the Abbey Church, the Cloister Brewery and Museum, and the Alpirsbach Glass-Blowing Studio.

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