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Alt Tellin is a small village with about 450 inhabitants, which is divided into 7 districts. The town - well-connected by infrastructure - is in the very lovely rolling countryside of the Tollense Valley. The Tollense river originates in the Tollense Lake in Neubrandenburg and flows near Demmin into the Peene. Because of its origin, this river is called the "Amazon of the North". Accordingly, visitors can find plenty of ways to rest and relax, they can paddle, fish, ride. The distance to the most beautiful beaches on the island of Usedom (ie, about 70 minutes) it is approximately 70 km. Many vacationers notice that the tourist centers have become overcrowded. The infrastructure can no longer handle the onslaught. During inclement weather, the traffic jams on the streets into the cities with museums and attractions. Alt Tellin is quite centrally located in the country. For anyone interested in Schliemann (discoverer of Troy), you can reach his birthplace Ankershagen in 60 minutes. The Hanseatic city of Anklam with the Lilienthal Museum and an airfield / Aereonautikum (en route to Usedom) is 40 minutes away. In most villages, there are interesting churches, some still with old functional organs. In two hours, you can be in Poland. The majority of our vacationers have worked in education. They want to relax in a quiet but interesting area and in a superbly furnished apartment. On very sunny days, they make the logical trips. Simple bikes are provided.
Answer provided by Günter Hegewald on 07/02/2014
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Dear questioner, Alt-Tellin has Europe's largest pig breeding complex, with approximately 10,000 sows and 40,000 piglets 40,000. One should think carefully about taking a relaxing holiday there. The resistance of the inhabitants to this complex is very large. If you are still interested, I can give you an address near Alt Tellin. Alt Tellin is situated on the small river Tollense. You can take boat tours there. More insider tips can be made when it is clear where your interest lies (culture, activity, walking, or recreation). Sincerely, Günter Bosbach
Answer provided by Günter Bosbach on 07/02/2014
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Alt Tellin Overview

Alt Tellin lies about 10 km south of Jarmen and 15 km east of Demmin. The Tollense runs through the town.

Things to See in Alt Tellin

Leerstehendes Schloss Broock

Schlosspark Broock

Siedenbüssower Gutshaus



Schmidtsche Windmühle

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More about the History of Alt Tellin

The city was created in 1825 and soon after the landmark of the town, Schloss Baroock, was built. The village was maned the most beautiful in the state in the 1930s.

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Alt Tellin is a municipality in the district of Demmin, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

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