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  • Homert
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    The Homert, at 656.1 m above sea level, is the highest of the Sauerland's Lenne Mountains and lies in the county of Hochsauerlandkreis, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is also the highest mountain and namesake for the Homert Nature Park and the highest point on the southeastern ridge, the Homert (also Die Homert or Homertrücken).


    The Homert rises in the southwestern part of the county of Hochsauerlandkreis, roughly in the centre of the triangle formed by Meinkenbracht, in the borough of Sundern, and Obersalwey in the south-southwest and Niedersalwey in the southeast, both in the borough of Eslohe. On the northern flank of the Homert rises the Seilbach stream and, a little to the northwest, the Romecke, both tributaries of the Linnepe. The Wenne tributary, the Salwey, flows through the valley south of the forested mountain.

  • Altena Castle
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    Altena Castle

    Altena Castle (German: Burg Altena) is a Medieval hill castle in the town of Altena in western Germany. The castle was erected by the early Counts of Berg - supposedly around 1108 or in the early 12th century. Eventually, the House of Berg abandoned Altena and moved their residence to Hamm.

    In 1912, Richard Schirrmann established the world's first youth hostel within the castle, which is still in use today (Jugendherberge Burg Altena).

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Altena Overview

Altena is situated on the Lenne river valley, north of the Sauerland.

Things to See in Altena

The town's biggest attraction is the castle Burg Altena. After being unused for centuries it was in ruins, although part of the buildings was used as a hospital. A complete reconstruction was undertaken in order to hold the celebrations of the 300th anniversary in 1909 of the incorporation of Mark into Prussia (Brandenburg) at this castle, but the works finished mostly by 1914; the celebrations were then held at Hohensyburg castle.

In 1912 the world's first youth hostel was created by Richard Schirrmann inside the castle. The old rooms are still on display, and new rooms inside the castle area are still part of the hostel now.

The dominant industry in Altena was wire production, and thus it has a museum dedicated to this industry only, the Drahtmuseum.

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More about the History of Altena

The history of Altena starts with the construction of the castle in the 12th century, which was the original seat of the Counts of the Mark, a junior line of the counts of Berg and Isenberg. In 1198 the Count of Altena bought the Oberhof (Oberhof vacation rentals | Oberhof travel guide) Mark near Hamm (Hamm vacation rentals | Hamm travel guide). This became the family's main seat and thus also their title. The castle in Altena was only rarely used from that time.

In 1308 the County was elevated to the status of a Duchy.

In 1367 the settlement below the castle received the right to become a free trade zone.

In 1609 the whole Duchy became part of Brandenburg, and later of Prussia. Even though Altena never officially acquired city rights, it was then nevertheless the capital of the district Altena.

In 1968 Altena was merged with the municipality Dahle, most parts of Evingsen (formerly part of Hemer), the Rahmede valley and part of Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde to form the present city. The districts of Altena and Lüdenscheid were merged into one district, which in 1975 became the Märkischer Kreis.

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Altena is a town in the district Märkischer Kreis, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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