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"I am interested in possibly bobsledding in December 2015 with my adult family. Can someone help me find out more information on doing this." (posted 09/01/2014)

Hello Guest, you want to ride with the Bob the luge and bobsled track in Altenberg? This is possible! The dates for 2015 in December are not fixed yet. Surely this will be announced until early 2015. The ride in the four-man bobsleigh at any cost € 85 (2015 whether these prices are currently to be confirmed) on the Internet at Altenberg bobsleigh for more information. With kind regards Monika Rasehorn
Answer provided by Monika Rasehorn on 09/01/2014
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There is a World Championship bobsleigh run just outside of Altenberg where I know worth individuals can pay to go down the run in the middle of the driver and brake man on a 4 to bob sleigh. I believe this cost about € 69 3 years ago I also believe this thing for 2 runs. You have to be in good health and have no back or neck problems, etc. As you would expect. If people have synthesis Their Own Bob sleigh, then I am not sure what the protocol is. See these links. http://altenberg.de/rennschlitten-bobbahn/ http://wia-altenberg.de/events/index.php and www.bobbahn-altenberg.de/ Hope this helps Steve
Answer provided by Steve Lawrinson on 09/01/2014
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Altenberg

  • Botanischer Garten Schellerhau
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    Botanischer Garten Schellerhau

    The Botanischer Garten Schellerhau (1.4 hectares) is a botanical garden located near the hamlet of Schellerhau at Hauptstrasse 41, Altenberg, Saxony, Germany. It is open daily in the warmer months; an admission fee is charged.

    The garden was established in 1906 by Gustav Adolf Poscharsky, inspector of the Royal Botanical Garden of Dresden, as his private garden. As he subsequently wrote, "As far as I know it was the first attempt with such a garden in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains). I chose the plateau of Schellerhau at 750 m elevation." There he planted species from the mountains of Asia, North America, and the Caucasus, and by 1908 was growing 93 trees, including 19 apple varieties, 9 pears, 7 plums, 2 rose varieties, many shrubs, and 401 herbaceous species.

    In 1916 the garden was transferred to the Forstbotanischer Garten Tharandt in what was to become a complex tangle of ownerships that persists to this day, and in 1920 became associated with the Botanischer Garten der Technischen Universität Dresden as an alpine garden. In 1928 it was enlarged by two additional purchases of 2240 m² and 800 m², and subsequently began to focus upon the flora of the Erzgebirge, but fell into disuse during World War II. At war's end, of the 1026 plants species recorded in the 1930s, only 33 trees and 158 shrubs could be identified. In 1949 it was expropriated and restored with great industry by teacher and botanist Fritz Stopp, and by 1951 cultivated more than 1000 species, gradually growing to approximately 2000 species with good collections of mushrooms, lichens, and mosses. East German state funding was eliminated in 1991, with garden rehabilitation continuing through the 1990s in the reunited Germany.

    Today the garden cultivates about 1000 species, with a focus on endangered local species. It also collects North American and Asian species, particularly of the high mountains. Collections include high altitude plants such as alders, alpine gentian and grass, bell flowers, carnations, heather, dwarf pines, primroses, rhododendrons, and saxifrage.

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Altenberg Overview

Altenberg is a town in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated in the Ore Mountains, close to the border with the Czech Republic, 15 km northwest of Teplice, and 32 km south of Dresden (Dresden vacation rentals | Dresden travel guide). It is home of a bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track that has been in use since 1987.

The municipality is located in the Eastern, its highest point with the Kahlenberg (905 m above sea level) in the municipality is located. Im Gemeindegebiet entspringt die Weißeritz . The municipality is the source of the Weißeritz. While the districts Kipsdorf and Bärenstein in Weißeritztal or Müglitztal to about 400-500 m altitude, for example, lies the village of Falkenhain to about 650-700 m above sea level, the district Zinnwald George-field even at over 800 m height. To town Altenberg includes the 11 districts of the following: Bärenfels, Bärenstein, Falkenhain, Hirschsprung, Kipsdorf, Oberbärenburg, Rehefeld-house fence, Schellerhau, Forest Bear Castle, forest idyll and Zinnwald George Field.

Things to See in Altenberg

Bell of Peace and Kurpark (in the district Bärenfels)

Mining Museum Altenberg: The 1957 technical opened museum is housed in an original in the 16th Century mine and is a technically viable Zinnpochwäsche after restoration. It shows, in conjunction with the 180 m long Neubeschert-Glück-Stollen (1802-49 ascended, cleats review since 1971) the path of tin from extraction to processing.

Besucherbergwerk United hybrid field Zinnwald in Zinnwald George Field

Mining Museum Zinnwald: The union of the United Huthaus hybrid field Zinnwald mining museum located since 1983 on the local history and Montanwerke Zinnwald.

Rennschlitten and bobsled: built 1982/83, 1,413 m long, 17 turns, altitude difference 122 m, gradient to 15%; speeds to 130 km / h mobile; venues of Europe and world championships in bobsled, luge and skeleton

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More about the History of Altenberg

After miners at the southern foot of the Erzgebirge ran out of deposits, they later moved towards Erzgebirgskamm in the 12th century in search of more. Here they discovered the first occurrence to Zinnwald and where Altenberg was founded in around 1440. The local site, the so-called hybrid floor proved over the centuries as the most important Zinnlagerstätte Central. In the immediate vicinity of the city center, numerous small pits were dug. Later in the 1950s, the spa industry expanded, especially after mining decreased significantly after 1991 due to economic reasons.

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Altenberg, Saxony, is located in the scenic Erzgebirge (Ore Mountain) region, south of Dresden and close to the Czech border. The town's greatest claim to fame is the Altenberg bobsled, luge, and skeleton track. Bobsleds have been raced in Altenberg since about 1908, but this track was built as a competition-quality course between 1981 and 1986. The Altenberg track is internationally famous, and it was host to the 1996 and 2012 FIL World Luge championships. Another notable site to visit in Altenberg is the Great Pinge, a giant collapsing mine shaft caused by old tin ore mining excavations. This area is considered one of Germany's top 77 most important biotope areas. Geisenberg Mountain offers a tower and look out to visitors. The Geisenberg Meadows preserve area has significant populations of globe flowers and wild orchids that bloom in spring and early summer. Lastly, take the time to visit the Schellerhau Botanical Garden. This garden was established in 1906 by the then inspector of the Royal Botanical Garden in Dresden as his private garden. Today the garden has about 1,000 species with a concentration on endangered local plants. Species from North America and Asia are also collected here. Once you are done enjoying the outdoor opportunities that Altenberg provides, you may wish to take a day trip to either Teplice, Czech Republic (7 miles), or Dresden (20 miles).

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