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Altenburg is a historical city with many traditionas. A lot of old castles there are located nearby. You should also visit the Skat Museum and see a theater performance in the castle. Also in close proximity in the Colditz forest, there are hunting opportunities for deer. During World War II, highly ranked captured Western Allies senior officers and generals were kept at Colditz Castle. There were number of attempts to escape, and these are well documented. This site is a very popular attraction for guests from England and the USA.
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Altenburg Overview

Altenburg is a town in the German federal state (Bundesland) of Thuringia, 45 km south of Leipzig (Leipzig vacation rentals | Leipzig travel guide). It is the capital of the Altenburger Land district.

Altenburg is bounded by Windischleuba, Nobitz, Saara, Altkirchen, Göhren (Göhren vacation rentals | Göhren travel guide), Lödla, Rositz, Wintersdorf and Gerstenberg. Altenburg is called the playing cards town. The game of skat is said to have originated here, based on the Bavarian tarock. Because of the influence Emperor Frederick Barbarossa had on the town, it is nicknamed a "Barbarossa town".

Things to See in Altenburg

Altenburg's town hall is one of the most important Renaissance buildings in Germany. It was built between 1562 and 1564 by the architect Nikolaus Grohmann.

The Schenkendorffsches Palais (1724) and the Alte Amtshaus (1725) are remarkable Baroque structure.

There is also a castle, which is the scene of the famous "Prinzenraub", related by Carlyle in his "Miscellanies". The Western main wing (1706-1732) contains an exhibition on the history of playing cards and card games and a historical museum.

The Lindenau (Lindenau vacation rentals | Lindenau travel guide) Museum in the palace of Bernhard August von Lindenau (1799-1854), built in 1875 houses Italian paintings of the 13th-15th centuries, a collection of classical antiquities and cast and modern art.

Botanischer Erlebnisgarten Altenburg, a small botanical garden

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More about the History of Altenburg

The town (civitas Altenburg) was first mentioned in a deed to the Bishop of Zeitz (Zeitz vacation rentals | Zeitz travel guide) in 976. Remains of a Slavic castle on the Schloßberg demonstrate that the town was probably a Slavic foundation, the capital of the shire of Plisni, taken over during the conquest of Meißen by Henry I. As shown by place names, the surrounding area (Osterland) was mainly settled by Slavs. The town's location on the imperial road between Halle (Halle vacation rentals | Halle travel guide) and Cheb in Bohemia gave Altenburg economic importance in the salt trade.

From 1603-1672 Altenburg was the residence of the Ernestine line, after that, it fell to Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg. During the Napoleonic wars it was a scene of a brief Allied raid by the Saxon General Johann von Thielmann. When the Ernestine lands were re-divided in 1826, Altenburg became the capital of Saxe-Altenburg. The last duke abdicated on 13 November 1918 after being promised 12 million Marks and the ownership of numerous castles. The free-state Saxe-Altenburg was merged with Thuringia in 1920.

During World War II, several subcamps of the Buchenwald concentration camp were located here. They provided slave labour for HASAG, the third largest Germany company to use concentration camp labour. In 1952, Altenburg fell to the Leipzig (Leipzig vacation rentals | Leipzig travel guide) District, but became part of Thuringia again in 1990.

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Altenburg is a town in the German federal state (Bundesland) of Thuringia, 45 km south of Leipzig. It is the capital of the Altenburger Land district.

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