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Altlußheim Overview

Altlußheim sits in the Rhine rift directly on the right bank of a meandering of the Rhine, where the Kriegbach flows into the Rhine. West of the municipality, on the opposite side of the Rhine in the Rhineland-Palatinate is the city of Speyer (Speyer vacation rentals | Speyer travel guide). Altlußheim is connected to Speyer by federal highway (Bundesstraße) B 39. Less than a kilometer to the East lies Neulußheim. To the South is Oberhausen-Rheinhausen. To the North-East Altlußheim borders on Hockenheim (Hockenheim vacation rentals | Hockenheim travel guide).

Things to See in Altlußheim

Museum Autovision — A museum about the past and future trends in automobile design.

Schnuteputzer's Friseurmuseum — A public-private hair salon museum.

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More about the History of Altlussheim

Lußheim was originally a fishing settlement on the Roman road. The residents lived from fishing in the waters of the meanderings of the Rhine. At the highest point in the village, there was a heathen temple. Later a church was built on the same ground.

In the year 496/497, the Franks attacked the local ruling Allemanni and drove them back to the Murg. Lußheim is without a doubt a Frankish settlement. Proof lies in -heim in the name of the community, as well as the typically Frankish homesteads which still exist to this day, namely the homesteads at Rheinhäuser Straße 8 and Hauptstraße 74. Also the row graves that have been found also suggest the beginnings of the Ripuarian Franks. Geographically speaking, Altlußheim is in the middle of ripuarian-Frankish territory, a subdivision of Greater Franconia of the Middle Ages. Politically, Loszem (the name of Lußheim at that time) belonged to the duchy of the ripuarian Franks. Lußheim was first mentioned in documents in 946, in which Lußheim was given to bishop Reginald I of Speyer (Speyer vacation rentals | Speyer travel guide) from duke Konrad, in order to found Maulbronn (Maulbronn vacation rentals | Maulbronn travel guide) Abbey. The Maulbronn Abbey had full rights over all Schultheiß (sheriff or reeve), citizens, and serfs. The abbey was entitled to the greater tithe on parish and town incomes.

In 1353 Lußheim came under the control of the Palatinate. Because of the extremes between the count palantine Fredrick I and the lord of the Maulbronn Abbey, Ulrich, duke of Württemberg, the residents of Lußheim suffered greatly. When it came to open war between the two princes, the village was completely destroyed. Lußheim was left to its fate for years under the friction between the patrons of Württemberg and the bishops of Speyer. Only after 1504 did things return to normal, when the duke of Württemberg defeated the Palantines. Lußheim became part of Württemberg again.

The original fishing village, Lußheim, became important due to the establishment of a ferry. Lußheim had the right to appoint the ferry master (called Fergenmeister) for Lußheim and Ketsch. At that time, running the ferry crossing had economic value for the people in Altlußheim. In 1840 a pontoon bridge was erected, which was replaced in 1938 with a rail and road bridge. This bridge was blown up in 1945 at the end of the Second World War. 1955 the Salier-Brücke (Salian Bridge) was built at the same location. This road bridge connects to Speyer. In the 1970s, north of Speyer, a pylon bridge was built for the A 61.

Until 31 December 1972, Altlußheim belonged to Mannheim (Mannheim vacation rentals | Mannheim travel guide). Since then Altlußheim is part of the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.

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Altlußheim is a municipality in Baden-Württemberg and belongs to Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.

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