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1 The City and the 450 year old Renaissance castle, pleasure and hunting castle of the Elector Augustus of Saxony, the ancestor of the well-known from Dresden, Augustus the Strong. The castle, a monumental building on the Schellenberg, is often called the "crown of the Erzgebirge" means. 2.Our Erzgebirge region as a whole, consisting of rolling hills and valleys, situated on a ridge between the mountain's feet "Floeha" and "Zschopau". Wooded, countless castles and palaces within max. 50km. For our guests, I offer all to the specific desires and interests tailored, day programs, hikes, cultural programs and so on. Also, I'm willing to take the guests. 3.The central geographical location can be ideal for small and larger tours. For example, it is possible to drive from Augustus castle with our historic funicular railway in the valley to the train station of Erzgebirgsbahn, with this train to the station of the steam-powered Fichtelbergbahn and on to the highest elevation site Oberwiesental to the terminal high on the monorail to the over 1100m Fichtelbergbahn to arrive. The trips to the cities zBDresden, Freiberg, Prague, Karlovy Vary are easy to complete in 1 day. 4 The Ore Mountains offers an inexhaustible amount of sites with historic crafts, show mines, miniature shows, museums, churches, restaurants, there is something for every interest plenty of material available. For children there are extensive variety, as our summer toboggan run, a large playground with miniature golf, riding stables and bathrooms nearby. It should not be forgotten that our guests for interesting and challenging day program with our 4 * holiday home find a well-appointed home and enjoy genuine hospitality Erzgebirge. Of course we are, if your curiosity is piqued and we could get accepted by us in the beautiful Erzgebirge that as a region has a good chance in the World Heritage list, welcome. Regards Heath and Lothar Hofmann of the House "Augustus Castle"
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Popular in Augustusburg is for sure the castle, with its restaurants and magic downhill view. There are several museums and exhibitions in it on top. And a falconry shows with famous flight of Their raptors. The big forest around Augustus castle is lovely for shorter or extended walks and can be combined with a trip on the teleferic did Augustus connects castle with Erdmannsdorf. In the old town of Augustus castle there is a small cozy cafe with to own roasting facility (www.kaffeehelden.de) did is definitely worth a visit.
Answer provided by Sarah Herold on 07/02/2014
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Augustusburg (Erzgebirge)

  • Augustusburg Hunting Lodge
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    Augustusburg Hunting Lodge

    The hunting lodge of Augustusburg (German: Jagdschloss Augustusburg) was built from 1568 to 1572 above the town of the same name on a hill called the Schellenberg (516 m above sea level) on the northern edge of the Ore Mountains of Germany. The castle, which is visible from afar, is a local landmark. It lies about 12 kilometres east of the city of Chemnitz and about 21 kilometres southwest of Freiberg in the Free State of Saxony.

    In building a new castle, Prince Elector Augustus wanted not just to create a prestigious palace for his hunting trips, but also to underline his leading position in Central Germany. The immediate occasion for its construction was his victory in the Grumbach Brawl (Grumbachsche Händel). By enforcing the imperial ban on his Ernestine rivals - John Frederick the Middle and outlawed knight, Wilhelm von Grumbach, who sought refuge with John Frederick - the Albertine elector, Augustus, was able secure his supremacy over the Ernestines. He was also given the Ämter of Weida, Ziegenrück and Arnshaugk, which belonged to what later became the district of Neustädter Kreis. Thanks to the thriving economy of the Electorate of Saxony under Moritz and Augustus, the necessary finance for the construction of the castle was available.

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Augustusburg Overview

Augustusburg is located in the Erzgebirge about 15 km east of Chemnitz (Chemnitz vacation rentals | Chemnitz travel guide), 5 km southeast of Flöha, 20 km southwest of Freiberg, and 9 km north of Zschopau (Zschopau vacation rentals | Zschopau travel guide).

Things to See in Augustusburg

Schloss Augustusburg

Evangelische Stadtkirche St. Petri

Special Augustusburg Travel Tips:

  • Spar-Markt, Untere Schloßstraße, 09573 Augustusburg
  • Netto-Markt Marienberger Straße 46, 09573 Augustusburg

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More about the History of Augustusburg (Erzgebirge)

The city was first mentioned in 1206. Schloss Augustusburg has been rebuilt a few times over the centuries. Since 1999, Erdmannsdorf, Grünberg, Hennersdorf and Kunnersdorf have all been combined with Augustusburg.

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Augustusburg is a town in the district of Mittelsachsen, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated 12 km east of Chemnitz. Augustusburg is known for the Jagdschloss (hunting castle) Augustusburg.

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