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"Can you please tel me what's special about Aurich in less than fifty words?" (posted 08/16/2016)

Aurich is the former district capital of East Friesland. In Aurich a castle exestiert from the time the first East Frisian chieftains and later princes. The city is worth seeing. The economic development of Stzadt is marked by the windmill manufacturer Enercon. Aurich has a new release indoor swimming pool and on the Energy Event Centre. In addition, a wide range kulnenarisches available. All in all Aurich Travel Center.
Answer provided by Klaus Ott on 08/16/2016
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Hello, Aurich is located in East Friesland, The cities empty, Emden are each 15 km away. Aurich is something for tourists. Towards the coast is approximately 30 km away. See value in Aurich are the mills of which there are quite a lot. Tea Museum in Leer and Meyer Werft in Papenburg worthwhile also. In Emden there is the Henry Nannen Kunsthalle and the historic Castle. lg Wolfgang Habich
Answer provided by Angelika Habich on 08/16/2016
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Aurich Overview

Aurich is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is the capital of the district of Aurich.

Aurich was the residence of the East Frisian Prince over the centuries as well as hannöverschen Prussian East Frisia administrations. Even after the Second World War the city was seated in the same district prior to its merger with the government districts of Oldenburg (Oldenburg vacation rentals | Oldenburg travel guide) to Osnabrück (Osnabrück vacation rentals | Osnabrück travel guide) and government district of Weser-Ems, and was then finally was dissolved in 2004. Because of this, it feeds the self-designation as the secret capital Aurich Ostfriesland. Aurich is to this day the home to numerous agencies, including federal and state authorities such as the Air Force Division of the Army. In addition, the Ostfriesische landscape, the Cultural Parliament East Frisia, in the city of their headquarter.

Things to See in Aurich

Pingelhus-It is in close proximity to the building of the East Frisian landscape, but is much older. It was built around 1800 by the architect Bernhard Conrad Meyer. Originally two buildings served the society as a driving trek keeper port and shipping building, when the port was still there, where there is now the George Wall is located.

Knodtsche Haus-a Dutch burgher in late, was at 1735 royal court of Henry Horst built. Initially, it was by Horst as a separate residential use

Marktplatz-a great attraction, the city commissioned from the Aurich Würselen at Aachen-born artist Albert Sous to capture the sights in art

Aurich Castle was the former residence of the East Frisian Prince, later the Prussian administration and hannöverschen top East Frisia. It is the oldest surviving building in the castle district, the Royal Stables in 1588, the main building dates from the years 1851 to 1855.

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More about the History of Aurich

The history of Aurich dates back to the 13th century, when the settlement of Aurechove was mentioned in a Frisian document called the Brokmerbrief in 1276. In 1517, Count Edzard from the house of Cirksena began reconstructing the city after an attack. He established the town center, which is still in place today. In 1539, the land authorities were brought together in Aurich, making it the capital of the county and, later, East Frisia, remaining the seat of the land authorities when East Frisia was inherited by the Kingdom of Prussia in 1744. It passed to the Kingdom of Hanover in 1815, and then was annexed by Prussia in 1866 and made part of the Province of Hanover. From October 21, 1944 until December 23, 1944 a Nazi concentration camp was established in Aurich. The camp was a subcamp to the Neuengamme concentration camp. After World War II, Aurich became part of the new state of Lower Saxony.

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Aurich is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is the capital of the district of Aurich.

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