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"When in 2015 will the Maibock be released?" (posted 07/26/2014)

The Aying brewery is producing the Maibock 2015 in time so that by mid-April, it will be in the U.S. ready for all customers. It's finally a Maibock that can be fully enjoyed in the month of May. Regards Country & Town Eberhard and Marianne Schmidt Pittingerplatz 16 a 82008 München-Unterhaching +49 89 61565635 +49 171 1976330 e.schmidt352 @ gmx.de
Answer provided by Eberhard Schmidt on 07/28/2014
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Aying

  • Ayinger Brewery
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    Ayinger Brewery

    The Ayinger Brewery (pronounced "eye-ing-gr"; German: Brauerei Aying) is a medium-sized German brewery located in Aying, Bavaria, about 25 km from Munich. Approximately 10% of Ayinger beers are exported, mainly to Italy, the United States, and the rest of Europe. Ayinger beers have been frequent award winners in international beer competitions.

    For some years, a range of beer was brewed under the Ayingerbrau name by Samuel Smith's Brewery in Tadcaster, United Kingdom. Although the Ayinger logo was used, the recipes and range were different from those of the Ayinger Brewery. The arrangement ended in spring 2006, at which point Samuel Smith's rebranded the beers. Distribution of the Ayinger range of beer followed that summer. Because the Oktoberfest in Munich does not allow breweries outside its city limits to participate, Ayinger Brewery organizes many smaller festivals in the countryside around Munich.

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Aying Overview

Aying is a municipality in the southeast of the county of Munich (Munich vacation rentals | Munich travel guide) in the district of Upper Bavaria, about 25 km southeast of Munich (Innenstadt) away. The municipality is bordered by the three counties Ebersberg (Ebersberg vacation rentals | Ebersberg travel guide), Miesbach and Rosenheim (Rosenheim vacation rentals | Rosenheim travel guide).

The council consists of sixteen members. In the 2008-2012 term, the CSU has four seats, the SPD a seat, the liberal voters of the municipality Aying (FWGA) six and the independents voters Village Community Help (PWH) five seats. Since 1996, the town had a full time mayor due to a relevant decision. This office has Johann Eichler (PWH) since 1 May 1996 inne. He was on 2 March 2008 as the sole candidate for the second time, re-elected. Second Mayor since 1996 Josef Bachmair (FWGA), third mayor since 2002 Johann Lechner (CSU).

The blue coat of arms shows the center held a silver pole, front a golden palm branch and back each other on two golden crowns ironing.

Things to See in Aying

The brewery, the beer gardens and the Ayinger center with the famous Brauereigasthof and the highest maypole Europe of tourists from all over the world like to visit. The Bräudult is before the Pentecost holiday, a tribute to the volunteer fire department in June. The Bräukirta (Church) in October features a big beer tent and both these festivals are annual attractions in Aying. Near the exits "Hofoldinger Forst" there is an information table at the Federal Highway 8 summarizing the cultural landscape of Aying. Through the Forest Hofoldinger to "Roman settlement at Peißen towards the small village Emmeramskapelle leads to the Roman road" Via Julia ", as a bike path with blue signs and placards review.

Ayinger-Gmoa-eV. The purpose of the association is the promotion of art, culture, traditions, music and amateur. The association meets and puts on drama and music events in the public.

Sixthof in Aying (Heimatmuseum)

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More about the History of Aying

The community was established in 1978 as part of the municipality reform by merging the two municipalities Help Village (formerly Landkreis Bad Aibling (Bad Aibling vacation rentals | Bad Aibling travel guide), since 1972, district of Munich), and Peißen (Landkreis München) formed. The Help Ortsteil small village was the scene of the martyrdom of St. Emeran in early Middle Ages. The bishop of Regensburg (Regensburg vacation rentals | Regensburg travel guide) was on highways en route to Rome, when it overtook the cruel martyrdom. Since the 8th Century, the Bavarian dukes in the community Aying wealthy. The Herzogsgut went to the royal house.

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Aying is a municipality in the southeast of the county of Munich in the district of Upper Bavaria, about 25 km southeast of Munich (Innenstadt) away. The municipality is bordered by the three counties Ebersberg, Miesbach and Rosenheim.

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