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  • Arolsen Castle
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    Arolsen Castle

    Arolsen Castle (German: Residenzschloss Arolsen) is a baroque styled Schloss in Bad Arolsen, Hesse, Germany. It has served as the family home of the Waldeck and Pyrmont family. It was birthplace of Queen consort Emma of the Netherlands.

    Built during early 18th century, the castle main building was completed in 1728, the furnishings, equipment, furniture, remained for several decades until the castle was finally handed over to its use.

    Built in 1840, the "Prince Waldecksche Court Library" today contains virtually all literature of the 18th Century in relevant fields of knowledge. The collection focuses on the Universal geography, history, literature, and militaria.

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Bad Arolsen Overview

Bad Arolsen neighbours are: the town of Diemelstadt (Diemelstadt vacation rentals | Diemelstadt travel guide) to the north, the town of Volkmarsen (Volkmarsen vacation rentals | Volkmarsen travel guide) (both belonging to the county of Waldeck-Frankenberg); the town of Wolfhagen (Wolfhagen vacation rentals | Wolfhagen travel guide) in the southeast (Kassel district); the town of Waldeck (Waldeck vacation rentals | Waldeck travel guide) to the south , the community of Twistetal to the southwest; the community of Diemelsee to the west (the last three in Waldeck-Frankenberg county) and the town of Marsberg (Hochsauerlandkreis in North Rhine-Westphalia).

Bad Arolsen is situated roughly 45 km west of Kassel (Kassel vacation rentals | Kassel travel guide). The German-Dutch holiday road called the Oranier-Route runs through the town, joining towns, cities and regions associated with the House of Orange.

Things to See in Bad Arolsen

Worthy of note is the town's baroque layout near the stately home. The street grid shows a chequered pattern that was typical of that time. It was originally planned to build a mirror-image layout to the stately home's east and west, but the plans were never fully carried out; after completing the developments west of the stately home, there was no money left to do the eastern part. Instead, the mirrored layout is illustrated by landscaping the area with trees and bushes. Some of the development's buildings are protected by law. Since 1999 there has been a Gestaltungssatzung – or "design code" – in place to ensure the townscape's current form through collective protection.

The "Grosse Allee" or "Grand Avenue" is a remarkable piece of city landscaping. It is a broad avenue running one mile from east to west lined by some 880 German oak trees in a six-line arrangement. Particularly during the warm months of spring, summer and fall it attracts scores of people strolling and enjoying the shady park-like atmosphere. The avenue was built in 1676 as a prestigious connecting way for the carriages between the "Residenzschloss" and the princely "Lustschloss", the latter having been torn down in the year 1725.

The baroque Stately Home, Schloss Arolsen, originally belonging to the Princes of Waldeck-Pyrmont with its imposing construction was built from 1713 until 1728 by architect Julius Ludwig Rothweil. Of particular importance are the ceiling paintings by the Italian artist Carlo Ludovici Castelli, and the outstanding stucco works by Andrea Gallasini.

Landauer Wasserkunst, an historic waterworks in Landau (Landau vacation rentals | Landau travel guide) dating from 1555.

Regular Events

  • March/April: Lighting of the Easter Fire on the Königsberg fair ground
  • May: Arolser Barockfestspiele (Baroque festival)
  • August: Arolser Kram- und Viehmarkt (a fair with amusement rides, household goods and cattle markets at the Königsberg fair ground)
  • August: Bad Arolsen Twistesee Triathlon running
  • November: Bad Arolsen Advent Waldmarathon running
  • December: Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas fair at the Kirchplatz in the towns central place ”Kirchplatz“)
  • Repeating every seven years (last time 2007): The “Freischiessen festival” in Mengeringhausen

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More about the History of Bad Arolsen

The earliest documents mentioning Arolsen date back to 1131 when an Augustinian nunnery was established there with the name of "Aroldessen". The nunnery was secularized in 1526 and in 1655 became the residence of the Counts (later Princes) of Waldeck, who converted it into a stately home. It was torn down in 1710 and replaced with a new Baroque structure (1713–1728) by Prince Frederik Anton Ulrich (1676–1728).

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Bad Arolsen (until 1997 Arolsen, Bad being the German name for Spa) is a small town in northern Hesse, Germany, in Waldeck-Frankenberg district. From 1655 until 1918 it served as the residence town of the Princes of Waldeck-Pyrmont and then until 1929 as the capital of the Waldeck Free State. The International Tracing Service has its headquarters in Bad Arolsen.

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