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Popular Points of Interest in and near Bad Harzburg

  • Harzburg
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    The Harzburg, also called Großer Harzburg, is a former imperial castle on the edge of the Harz mountains directly above the spa resort of Bad Harzburg in Goslar district in the German state of Lower Saxony.

    The castle has almost completely disappeared; only fragments of the foundation walls and the towers together with the well have survived.

  • Burgberg Cable Car
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    Burgberg Cable Car

    The Burgberg Cable Car (German: Burgbergseilbahn) in Bad Harzburg was built in 1929 and is 481 metres long. It has two cabins carrying up to 18 passengers each. The cable car is named after the Burgberg mountain, site of the historic Harzburg Castle, built by Emperor Henry IV about 1068. The upper terminus was erected next to the ruins. The cable cars and stations are preserved in their original 1920s condition.

    From the top of the cable car you can experience wonderful views and enjoy the many nature trails.

    Admission: Adults 3 €, Concessions 1 €.

    Hours: April 1- Oct. 31 9am - 1pm and 1:30 - 5pm. Nov. 1 - March 31 10am - 1pm and 1:30 pm - 4pm.

  • Bad Harzburger Hot Springs & Spa Resort
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    Bad Harzburger Hot Springs & Spa Resort

    The Bad Harzburg Sole-Therme is one of the four top spa resorts in Germany. The natural brine bubbles originate from approximately 840-meter deep. Inside the complex are swimming pools, whirlpools with a variety of bubbling, sauna area with a saline grotto, massages and beauty treatments. There are two outdoor pools, where the water is 28C.

    Hours: Monday - Saturday 8am- 9pm, Sunday 8am - 7pm.

    Admission: Adults 7.50 &euro (2.5 hours) Children 5 & euro (2.5 hours)

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Bad Harzburg Overview

Bad Harzburg is situated at the northern foot of the Harz mountain range and the rim of the Harz National Park. In the east of the municipality is the border to the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the former inner German border. The small Radau river, a tributary to the Oker, has its source in the Harz mountains and flows through the locality. Neighbouring municipalities are the city of Goslar (Goslar vacation rentals | Goslar travel guide) in the west, the towns of Vienenburg in the north, Braunlage (Braunlage vacation rentals | Braunlage travel guide) in the south as well as Ilsenburg and Osterwieck in the east.

Things to See in Bad Harzburg

The Harzburg was finally slighted in 1650 by order of Duke Augustus the Younger, so only ruins remain today. A scenic overlook at the western rim offers a panoramic view of the northern lowlands. The place is marked by the 19 m (62 ft) tall Canossasäule (Canossa Column) erected in 1877 in remembrance of both the Walk to Canossa by Emperor Henry IV in 1077 and a famous expression by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck during his Kulturkampf conflict with the Roman Catholic Church "We will not go to Canossa" ("Nach Canossa gehen wir nicht"). The Burgberg Cable Car has linked town and mountain top since 1929.

The Bündheimer Schloss (Bündheim Castle) was the seat of the Amtmann (bailiff or Vogt) of the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg. It was erected in 1685 under the rule of Duke Rudolph Augustus at the site of a former manor house, built in 1573, that had been destroyed during the Thirty Years' War. The Bündheimer Schloss replaced the Harzburg as the headquarters of the local government, it was constructed with stones of the slighted castle.

Near Bündheim Castle are the horse breed stables of the Bad Harzburg stud farm, one of Europe's oldest, established in 1413 by the Dukes of Brunswick-Lüneburg. The adjacent horse racing track is the site of the annual Harzburger Rennwoche (Harzburg Racing Week).

The Wandelhalle (Pump Room) is the historic centre of the spa resort. Built in 1898 on the site of the former saline well, the hall today is also used for recitals and lectures. On the other side of the Badepark stands the former Badehaus, which now houses a casino (Spielbank).

The Protestant Lutherkirche parish church of 1903 has paintings by Brunswick court painter Adolf Quensen and a Sauer pipe organ.

East of Bad Harzburg stands an Ostlandkreuz ("Kreuz des deutschen Ostens") in remembrance of the expulsion of Germans after World War II. Erected in 2000 at an elevation of 555 m (1,821 ft) on the Uhlenklippen mountain, the nowadays 18 m (59 ft) tall intending cross replaces an earlier memorial from 1950, which was destroyed by a storm.

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More about the History of Bad Harzburg

According to legend Charlemagne had a chapel built on the Burgberg mountain (482m/1,581 ft) about 780 in the place of a Saxon sacred grove dedicated to a pagan god Krodo.[who?] Allegedly King Conrad I had founded a college of canons here in 916, which Emperor Henry III transferred to the Kaiserpfalz at Goslar (Goslar vacation rentals | Goslar travel guide) in 1039. Between 1065 and 1068 his successor Emperor Henry IV had a big castle - the Harzburg - built on the mountain, where he was besieged in 1073 by the rebellious Saxons under Duke Otto of Nordheim. Henry managed to flee the castle, which was badly damaged by the insurgents. Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa rebuilt it after he defeated his rival Duke Henry the Lion, member of the Welf dynasty, and invaded Saxony in 1180. Henry's son Emperor Otto IV died at the castle on May 19, 1218. From 1488 on, the Harzburg with its surrounding estates was part of the duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

In 1892 the citizens changed its name from Neustadt to Harzburg, it was given the title "Bad" (bath=spa), received town privileges in 1894 and became an important spa town and tourist attraction.

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Bad Harzburg is a spa town in central Germany, in the Goslar district, Lower Saxony.

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