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Bad Heilbrunn is nestled between Lake Starnberg and Tegernsee Respective distance about 30 km in the heart of the Oberland. Munich is about 50 km away. We are one of the most beautiful Urlauibsregionen Germany amid the Bavarian Alps. Many attractions such as the castles of King Ludwig in feet or the Zugspitze can be reached very quickly. Guests can travel free by bus. In Bad Heilbrunn itself a herbal experience-Par, climbing, mountain is located right outside the front door A mountain railway runs to the bathroom Heilbrunner mountain Numerous Badeweiher e-bikes free for guests to sniff, etc.
Answer provided by Monika Hauer on 07/02/2014
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The large herb garden in Bad Heilbrunn is worth seeing, the Blomberg near Bad Heilbrunn is nice for hiking, Ca. 5 km from Bad Heilbrunn Benediktbeuren is a very beautiful monastery.
Answer provided by Veronica Schalch-Seybold on 06/30/2014
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There is nothing to view in Bad Heilbrunn. It is more a village and Kurbetrieb no longer takes place. Bad Tölz offers vacationers a beautiful old town with historic houses and beautiful surroundings. For vacationers Bad Tölz offers many possibilities. Many greetings to California Angelika Duttler
Answer provided by Angelika Duttler on 07/01/2014
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Bad Heilbrunn Overview

Bad Heilbrunn is located on one of the northernmost mountains in the Alps of southern Bavaria. Major mountains include Stallauer Eck (1216 m), Zwiesel (Zwiesel vacation rentals | Zwiesel travel guide) (1348 m) and Blomberg (1237 m). Geretsried is the nearest major city.

Things to See in Bad Heilbrunn

Katholische Kirche

Barocke Kirche with a fresca in the middle

Schönauer Weiher, a popular local swimming spot

Kräuter-Erlebnisgemeinde Bad Heilbrunn, an event where herb enthusiasts are certified for their knowledge

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More about the History of Bad Heilbrunn

While documented centuries earlier, Bad Heilbrunn was officially founded in 1159. Once the springs were discovered in the late 1700s, the city began to flourish, attracting more tourists year after year. The community celebrated its 850th anniversary in 2009.

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Bad Heilbrunn is a municipality in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen in Bavaria in Germany.

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