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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

"I am coming first time with a group of retired old people, wish to know about the atractions in a radius of 200 Km, such as medieval towns, important cities, historical places, nice markets, festivals ( first 2 weeks of August) big botanic gardens etcetera" (posted 05/09/2014)

Bad Kissingen is very interesting for older people and offers many attractions. For all other cities in the region, just use an Internet search engine such as Google. Sincerely, S. Wiedamann
Answer provided by Sabrina Wiedamann-Lenz on 05/10/2014
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On my homepage: www.ferienwohung-privat.com, choosing the link for " BAD KISSINGEN U. UG." and " SEHENSWERTES ", you could find a lot of information. There are also many links built into these pages. Have fun reading, Best, Inge Radtke
Answer provided by Inge Radtke on 05/11/2014
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Attractions within a radius of 200 km around Bad Kissingen:

  • Bamberg 90km
  • Medieval city of Nuremberg 150km, the castle and the medieval walled town
  • Würzburg 60 km
  • Schweinfurt, Art Museums 25 km
  • Fulda 60km, baroque town
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber, 120km, medieval town
  • Meiningen, 80km
  • Erfurt, medieval town 150km
  • Coburg, 100km, medieval town
  • Weimar, 160km, Goethe and Schiller town
  • Eisenach, Luther town, 120km
  • Kreuzberg, 30km, the famous and popular monastery brewery, beautiful walks
  • Wasserkuppe, 60km, highest mountain in the Rhön
  • Great hiking in the Rhön
  • thermal spa in Bad Kissingen
  • Golf Course Bad Kissingen, the oldest one in Germany "


  • Kissinger Sommer, Classical Concerts
  • Classical Music Festival OpenAir, Nuremberg,
  • wine village, Rothenburg
  • Moonlight Wine Festival Ingolstadt in Sugenheim
  • Würzburg - Barbarossa spectaculum at the Fortress Marienberg from 08 to 10 and August 14 to 17 (medieval festival)

Points of Interest:

  • Veitshoechheim Botanical Gardens and Castle Park (teaching and experimental gardens in the former summer residence)
  • Erlangen, aroma garden and Botan. Garden
  • University of Würzburg, Botanical Garden

... and many many more : Link: http://www.frankens-paradiese.de/parks-und-gaerten/

Answer provided by Kristina Albrecht on 05/10/2014
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Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

"Was stationed in Bad Kissingen in 1956. How do I get to old camp from bus terminal? How can I see the old Daley barracks and surrounding area?" (posted 05/25/2014)

From the bus station, take bus No. 1. Get off at Kasernenstraße or Steubenstraße or Peter Heil Strasse. In the former barracks, the police, youth center, a cinema, many shops and homes are now housed.
Answer provided by Kristina Albrecht on 05/25/2014
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the old entrance and several buildings are still standing; the German police are now housed in the former officer's club. Otherwise not much is left and the housing area is used differently now; a lot has changed. But walking from the bus terminal to the police takes just some 5 minutes, simply walk straight ahead and it is really easy to reach!
Answer provided by Norbert Borst on 05/25/2014
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Hello, to get from Berlin Square to the former Daley Barracks, you only need to walk through Groppstrasse and across Valentin Weidner Square to Kasernenstrasse. The Daley Barracks are a commercial area with cinema, music school, youth center, supermarket, police, etc., now. Only the entrance is still a reminder of the former barracks.
Answer provided by Sabrina Wiedamann-Lenz on 05/25/2014
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"Transportation from Schweinfurt to Daley barracks with hotel recommendations near Daley barracks. Also, transportation from Daley barracks to Bamberg." (posted 05/31/2014)

You can take the train from Schweinfurt Hbf to Bad Kissingen, from there take a taxi or bus line 1 (stop Stoeger Street / Barrack Street or Steubenstraße). Please note: in the former barracks is now a housing estate and a shopping center. Housed in a former home in the barracks is afz campus hotel (a hotel management school), Schurzstr.2-6, Bad Kissingen, a modern furnished house where you can stay low. The other hotels are 2km from the former barracks: Hotel Franconia, Hotel Astoria, Hotel Bayerischer Hof. There are also various apartments that are closer to the barracks. From the former barracks to Bamberg again either by bus line 1 or taxi to the train station, from there by rail over Schweinfurt to Bamberg.
Answer provided by Kristina Albrecht on 05/31/2014
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Apartments and hotels there are in Bad Kissingen, Schweinfurt and Bamberg very many. All cities can be reached quite well with the train. Many greetings from Bad Kissingen S. Wiedamann-Lenz
Answer provided by Sabrina Wiedamann-Lenz on 05/31/2014
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Hello, - Bad Kissingen, Schweinfurt and Bamberg are within each well with the train, Schweinfurt / Bad Kissingen is also a taxi (about 50 €). From the train station to Daley, Conn or Ledwardbarraks goes by bus or by taxi again or sometimes on foot! How long you want to stay in Bad Kissingen, - about 1 week, - then our apartment Salinenstrasse 40 just 10 minutes from Daley away, while the nearest bus stop is just 300 meters from the train station with the taxi 5 - 6 min . With only one night, I recommend the Hotel Franconia (approx. 350 beds) in Bad Kissingen downtown. Regards Norbert bristle
Answer provided by Norbert Borst on 06/01/2014
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"Distance and directions from bad kissingen conference center to business parks kaserne" (posted 04/12/2015)

Hello, Bad Kissingen, there is no conference center. From the city to the former US barracks now Shopping Centre is about 1-2 km. 5 minutes walk. Greeting
Answer provided by Sabrina Wiedamann-Lenz on 04/13/2015
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I know in Bad Kissingen not a conference center. There is one in Schweinfurt conference center Main islands. There are also several former barracks.
Answer provided by Charlotte Wahler on 04/13/2015
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If the guest of the former Kasserne says up to the conference rooms in the Regent's city center, then there are about 1,6 km at 18 min walk. Below Floor Enter link shows the route. Mfg. Inge Radtke https://www.google.de/maps/dir/Gewerbegebiet+Ehemalige+Kaserne/Regentenbau,+Ludwigstraße+2,+97688+Bad+Kissingen/@50.2029029,10.0737827,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x47a2e2dafdb57503:0xf0d9ecfc01a1f4b8!2m2!1d10.078834!2d50.207358!1m5!1m1!1s0x47a2e320d568824f:0x8fe2cd648121595f!2m2!1d10.074568!2d50.198092!3e2
Answer provided by Inge Radtke on 04/13/2015
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"How far is the train station in bad kissingen germany to daley barracks" (posted 04/15/2015)

about 3 - 4 km - about 3 - 4 minutes. by taxi (about 8 €) Greetings from KG, N. Borst
Answer provided by Norbert Borst on 04/16/2015
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From Bad Kissingen station to barracks there are about is 2.2 km approx, 26 min. Walk. It also buses leave from the train station.
Answer provided by Inge Radtke on 04/16/2015
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Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"Why should someone do a vacation in Bad Kissingen? Can you possibly tell me 2-3 popular travel tips for Bad Kissingen, which everyone visiting Bad Kissingen should see? Also let me know 2-3 special insider travel tips for Bad Kissingen that a typical tourist may not know about, but that you can highly recommend. Thanks!" (posted 09/02/2014)

Bad Kissingen is a well known and famous spa town. You should definitely look at the beautiful buildings from the late 19th century in and around the park, enter in the famous artists from around the world concerts, schedule a visit to the newly designed Spa and the impressive ruins messenger arbor from the 13th century, with its stunning views of the city and surroundings not forget. Bad Kissingen can go for a walk, there are many kilometers of well-marked hiking trails in all difficulties, a large zoo with native wildlife and the oldest golf course in Germany, beautifully situated on the river Saale. Bad Kissingen is a place where one can enjoy culture and sports and relax just as wonderful.
Answer provided by Kristina Albrecht on 09/02/2014
This answer is helpful
Hello, We have a lot of attractions in Bad Kissingen, such as the Regent, the Gradierbau with its healing air of the brine, the Rose Garden, the historic old town. A ride on the stagecoach is definitely recommended. The health spa of Bad Kissingen. For a wellness day they should visit the Kissalis spa. Approximately 40 km away is the Rhön with its Kreuzberg, on which there is the delicious Kreuzberg beer. This is only a small part of the one should look in Bad Kissingen here. Insider tips, I do not know any and I think it also is no. I hope I could help them. Greetings from Bad Kissingen Sabrina Wiedamann-Lenz
Answer provided by Sabrina Wiedamann-Lenz on 09/02/2014
This answer is helpful
In Bad Kissingen should have a look in any case: the Rose Garden with its magnificent scale in countless colors rose trees, the park with all its spacious parks to tennis Cafe, pump room, and all open for resort guests Sääle, if you like, is the daily air concert entspnnen go drink in the spa gardens times for Caffe Cafe or dance. Visit the Spa Theatre and the Saline promenade walk to the Saline or go in the summer with the Dampferle. Culture in the summer is the "Kissinger Sommer" culture in winter is the "Kissinger Winter Magic". The Rakoyfest should alljählich held on the last weekend in July we have experienced in any case once. (But beware you may be addicted to it. To Bad Kiss singing around there are also places like wine Ramsthal, Wirmsthal and Hammelbug
Answer provided by Inge Radtke on 09/02/2014
This answer is helpful
Hello from Bad Kissingen, - in any case, our entire Kuranlagen a real attraction, as is the Regentenbau with its large ballroom with high-profile events, the foyer with drinking fountains, our wonderful Therme KissSalis, the Bismark Museum on the lower Saline, the Rakoczy hard on the last of July weekend, the horse show one week later, the Saline hard end of summer, the castle festival Botenlauben, the beautifully restored Russian Orthodox Church, the unique terrace pool and more! Regards Norbert bristle
Answer provided by Norbert Borst on 09/03/2014
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

Popular Points of Interest in and near Bad Kissingen

  • Wittelsbacher Tower (Bad Kissingen)
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Wittelsbacher Tower (Bad Kissingen)

    The Wittelsbacher Jubiläumsturm is a look-out at the "Scheinberg", a hill which is 400 metres high and located in Arnshausen, a quarter of the German spa town of Bad Kissingen. The tower belongs to the heritage registers of Bad Kissingen and has an entry in the List of Heritage Registers in Bavaria.


    The top of the tower allows an outlook over Bad Kissingen, the valley of the Franconian Saale as well as the Sodenberg near Hammelburg.

  • Ludwig Tower (Bad Kissingen)
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Ludwig Tower (Bad Kissingen)

    The Ludwig Tower in Bad Kissingen is located on the Staffelsberg, a hill in the German spa town of Bad Kissingen. The tower is to commemorate the House of Wittelsbach and, thus, named after Bavarian king Ludwig I of Bavaria. The tower belongs to the heritage registers of Bad Kissingen and has an entry in the List of Heritage Registers in Bavaria.


    The tower's ground area has a quadrate shape. The tower is made of sandstone and built in a cuboid-formed shape.

  • Bismarck Tower (Bad Kissingen)
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Bismarck Tower (Bad Kissingen)

    The construction of the Bismarck Tower located on the "Sinnberg", a hill in the German spa town of Bad Kissingen, started in 1914 following the plans designed by architekt, Wilhelm Kreis. It was projected by the local Bismarck Tower Association under the chairmanship of its founder, pharmacist Oscar Ihl. This association was in favour of Bismarck and the Empire and competed in a certain way with the Wittelsbacher Association, which, even after the Unification of Germany, regarded Bavaria to be a sovereign kingdom and built the Wittelsbacher Tower in Bad Kissingen in 1907.

    Up to that time, the architect of the Bismarck Tower, Wilhelm Kreis, had already designed different Bismarck Towers; his concept "Götterdämmerung" was carried out in 47 towers alone, which differed only slightly from each other. The construction of the Bismarck Tower in Bad Kissingen, however, followed a completely new design.

    Due to the outbreak of World War I, a delay in finishing the construction took place. It was only on 2 December 1926 that, under the promotion of the "Movement for Completing the Tower" under the chairmanship of Wolfgang Singer, the director of the spa gardens, that the roofing ceremony could be held. The completion of the tower's exterior was delayed until 1930 due to the Great Depression. In 1934, Wolfgang Singer conveyed the construction of a hairpin-bended footway leading to the Bismarck Tower.

    During World War II, the Bismarck Tower was used as an observation point for observing the airspace. It was only in 1985 that the construction of the tower's interior was started. So, the tower could be opened to the public on 21 June 1986. A staircase, bathrooms, and an observation deck were built into the tower.

  • Bismarck Monument (Bad Kissingen)
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Bismarck Monument (Bad Kissingen)

    The Bismarck Monument in Bad Kissingen is located in Hausen (a quarter of the German spa town, Bad Kissingen), which Chancellor Otto von Bismarck visited 14 times to "take the cure" between 1876 and 1893. The monument was built in 1877, during his lifetime. It was the first monument to be built in Bismarck's honour.

  • Botenlauben Castle Ruins
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Botenlauben Castle Ruins

    From the beginning, the guiding principle was always to make the castle into a tourist attraction, which became more of an historical interest at the start of the 20th century. In the second half of the century, the castle underwent some restoration work. Today, life in the castle during the Middle Ages is remembered and re-enacted each year in September with the Burgfest.
  • Kurgarten and Luitpoldpark
    [ source: Wikimedia ]

    Kurgarten and Luitpoldpark

    The Kurgarten was and still is a central meeting point. Although there is not as much royalty about nowadays as there was when King Ludwig I was alive, the Kurgarten is still arranged in his chosen style. In the 20,000 sqm garden you can see flower bed arrangements that change continuously during the spring and summer months.

    The Luitpoldpark is an English style landscape garden, with wonderful lawns. Native and exotic, young saplings and 100 year old trees give this spacious park plenty of elegance and flair.

  • Kurhausbad Therapy Center

    Kurhausbad Therapy Center

    The Kurhausbad was opened in 1927 and was the most modern spa treatment center of its time. The architect, Max Littmann chose the stylish neoclassical design and adorned the building with many beautiful details such as the stained glass windows, wall plastering made out of Nymphenburg porcelain, and red terracotta paneling. However the Kurhausbad's main attraction is most probably the Roman-Irish steam baths found in the basement of the building. The hot rooms and saunas have been decorated with Villeroy & Boch tiling and have been excellently maintained.

    With its nostalgic flair, the Kurhausbad builds a contrast to the new and modern KissSalis Thermae and offers a range of out of the ordinary treatments – the power bath is suitable for men, the Sisi bath for the ladies, and also an endless list of traditional treatments – massage, hydrotherapy, mud treatments, salt-water baths, power jet baths, to name but a few. The Kurhausbad is close to the town center, in the Prinzregenten Street, and can easily be reached by foot. Even if you are not planning to have treatments there it’s certainly worth taking a look at.

  • Train and Steamboat Rides, Deer Park

    Train and Steamboat Rides, Deer Park

    The Kurbähnle, Bad Kissingen’s little train, has been one of Bad Kissingen’s firm fixtures for many years. You can board the train at regular intervals at the roundabout next to the Kurgarten and will be assured of a pleasant trip to the deer park Klaushof, where you can see many native European and more exotic wild animals, some of which are endangered species. Some of the favorites are the wild boars, lynx and also the deer who will eat of your hand – if you let them! Enjoy a meal or refreshments at the Klaushof restaurant next to the park. The neighboring woods are also lovely to walk around in.

    On 7th July in 1877 the first steamboat, appropriately named Kissingen, was delivered to the spa resort by train. Everyone delights at the sight of the steamboat moving up the middle of the majestic Saale river on one of its hourly trips between the Rose Garden and the Saline. A pleasant afternoon trip for families with children is a ride up the Saale to the Salinenblick Café, where you are not only served a wonderful variety of reasonably priced meals and snacks on the outdoor patio but can also take part in a round of crazy golf.

  • KissSalis Thermae
    [ source: Spa website ]

    KissSalis Thermae

    The state-of-the-art KissSalis Thermae is an impressive contrast to the historical buildings of the town. It was presented to the public after construction was completed in 2004 and represents the spa resorts motto of being one of the most excellent spa resorts in Europe. Visitors can look forward to a 1000 sqm water surface, freshly derived from the Schönborn springs and consisting of two large pools on the inside and out, an intensive salt water basin, a hot and cold water grotto, a salt water hydrotherapy room, a pool designed for gymnastic and movement therapy, a mud therapy room and a steam room, all combined with a view of the beautiful surrounding scenery. Adjacent to the thermae is the enchanting SaunaPark, boasting five sauna cabins inside, varying from 55 °C to 90 °C, and three alpine sauna cabins in the sauna garden outside and a nearby cooling down swim basin.

    The KissSalis Thermae is on the outskirts of the resort and is easily reached by bus or the KissSalis shuttle bus (sets off at the Kurgarten roundabout at half-hourly intervals). Other than that there is ample parking space.

What is your insider travel tip for Bad Kissingen?

Travel Insider Tips for Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen Overview

Bad Kissingen is a famous health resort located in the Bavarian region of Lower Franconia. For the ultimate spa-experience, try the KissSalis Baths, one of the largest wellness baths in all of Europe. For a family outing, visit Kloster Banz, a Benedictine monastery founded in 1070 and considered a masterpiece of Baroque architecture; the Kloster includes a climbing park that offers tree-swinging and tight-rope walking (with safety-harness, only 10 yards above ground) that are sure to attract your kids!

Bad Kissingen - Culture and Sights


  • Bismarck museum in the upper saltworks
  • Permanent exhibition: Jewish life in the Jewish church rooms
  • Cardinal Döpfner museum in Hausen


The classical music festival Kissinger Sommer with participation by internationally recognised orchestras and soloists is a highlight of the cultural calendar. A similar event called the Kissinger Winterzauber takes place each winter. Other annual events include the Rakoczy Fest in the last weekend of July, which is held to honor all historical figures whose lives were connected with Bad Kissingen. The high point is the procession on the Sunday afternoon. Historical figures are represented by citizens of the town for the entire weekend, and take part in town life.

Important Buildings

One of the most important buildings in the town is the old town hall, a renaissance design from 1577. Between 1838 and 1913, the arcade was built around the spa garden by Friedrich von Gärtner, as well as the pump rooms, following a design by Max Littmann. The Regency building was constructed by Balthasar Neumann. Max Littmann also designed the Art Nouveau spa theatre, completed in 1905. The oft-forgotten train station building, with its classical neo-renaissance façade, was built in 1874 under supervision by Friedrich Bürklein. The ruins of castle Bodenlaube from 1180 looks over the town from above Reiterswiesen. The KissSalis Therme, opened in 2004, gives the town a modern feel. It is one of the largest wellness baths in Europe, and the largest building project in the town since the Second World War.

Another point of interest is the casino in the spa park.

[ source: Wikipedia ]

More about the History of Bad Kissingen

The town itself was first documented in the year 801 as “chizzicha” and was renowned above all for its medicinal springs, which are recorded from as early as 823. Kissingen was first mentioned as a town in 1279, and the first official spa guest was recorded in 1520, the same century that the town established itself as a spa. Kissingen grew to be a chic resort in the 19th century, and was rebuilt as such during the reign of Ludwig I of Bavaria. Crowned heads of state such as Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Tsar Alexander II of Russia and King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who bestowed the Bad on Kissingen in 1883, were among the guests to the spa at this time. On July 10, 1866 in Mainfeldzug, Kissingen was the site of fierce battle between Bavarian and Prussian troops. Imperial Chancellor Otto von Bismarck visited Kissingen's spas many times, and in 1874 narrowly avoided an assassination attempt by Eduard Franz Ludwig Kullmann there. Bismarck’s former home in Kissingen is now the Bismarck museum. Other visitors to the resort included author Leo Tolstoy and artists Adolph von Menzel.

The resort’s clientele changed in the 20th century, with more normal citizens visiting than noblemen and women. 1945 is the only year that the spa resort remained closed. After that, the department of Social Security built clinics in the town, but a change in health legislation in the 1990s led to job losses. As a result, efforts were made to attract a new kind of clientele, and were helped in no small part by the EMNID survey which named Bad Kissingen Germany’s most well-known spa town. In 2003, 1.5 million people stayed in the town. With the opening of the KissSalis Therme in February 2004, Bad Kissingen now also had a spa leisure centre, and in December 2004, the German-Chinese Football Academy was opened in the town, where the Chinese "08 star team" both train and live in preparation for the Olympic Games in China in 2008.

At the Eastern edge of the Bad Kissingen town center is what was once a military post established by the German military as part of Hitler's growth of the new German Wehrmacht (Army) program. This post was then called Manteuffel Kaserne. In 1945, the American military entered Bad Kissingen peacefully, and occupied the kaserne (the name changed to Daley Barracks in 1953) until about 1993, when Daley Barracks was closed and returned to the German government.

[ source: Wikiepdia ]

Bad Kissingen is a famous health resort located in the Bavarian region of Lower Franconia. For the ultimate spa experience, try the KissSalis Baths, one of the largest wellness baths in all of Europe. Kloster Banz, a Benedictine monastery founded in 1070, is well worth a visit and is considered a masterpiece of Baroque architecture; the Kloster includes a climbing park that offers tree-swinging and tight-rope walking activities that are sure to attract your kids! If Art Nouveau architecture fascinates you, take the time to check out the spa theater, designed by Max Littman. One of the most important buildings in the town is the old town hall, a Renaissance design from 1577.

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