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Bad Kötzting Overview

Bad Kötzting has the charming character of a small town and offers quite a variety of attractions for tourists. The locals pride themselves with having one of the largest mounted religious processions in the world, the "Kötztinger Pfingstritt". Legend has it that in the year 1412, a man who got injured during forestry was asking for the last rites before dying in a village approximately 7 km away from Kötzting. The local priest was unable to comply with the wishes of the man because he needed protection from bears, wolves, and other dangers luring along the way. After asking the young men of the village to protect him, they accompanied the priest to the dying man. After a safe journey, the participants vowed to repeat the ride every year. That is how it remained ever since. Every Whit Monday, the ride of over 900 horses and riders is repeated. The horses wear ornaments and the riders wear traditional Bavarian clothes. The ride starts in Kötzting and goes to the village "Steinbühl", where according to the legend, the man asking for anointment, was dying. Only men from the region are allowed to participate in the procession, the participating horses, however, come from all over Bavaria. The annual fair is also in town when the procession takes place. A local "Bierzelt" and numerous rides invite the public.

Things to See in Bad Kötzting

Stadtpfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt


Kirche St. Veit

Alte Rathaus

Neue Rathaus




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More about the History of Bad Koetzting

1085 AD. First public recording of "Chostingen".

1972- The county of Kötzting is dissolved and the county becomes part of the county of Cham. Hence, Kötzting becomes part of the district of Upper Palatinate.

1986- Recognition as Climatic Spa.

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Bad Kötzting is a town in the district of Cham, in Bavaria, Germany, near the Czech border. It is situated in the Bavarian Forest, 15 km (9.3 mi) southeast of Cham.

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