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  • Muskau Park
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    Muskau Park

    The Muskau Park (German: Muskauer Park, officially: Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau, Polish: Park Mużakowski), is the largest and one of the most famous English gardens of Germany and Poland.


    Situated in the historic Upper Lusatia region, it covers 3.5 square kilometers (1.4 sq mi) of land in Poland and 2.1 km2 (0.81 sq mi) in Germany. The park extends on both sides of the Lusatian Neisse river, which constitutes the border between the countries. The 17.9 km2 (6.9 sq mi) buffer zone around the park encompassed the German town Bad Muskau (Upper Sorbian: Mužakow) in the West and Polish Łęknica (Wjeska, former Lugknitz) in the East. While Muskau Castle is situated west of the river, the heart of the park are the partially wooded raised areas on the east bank called The Park on Terraces. In 2003 a pedestrian bridge spanning the Neisse was rebuilt to connect both parts.

    On July 2, 2004, UNESCO added the park to its World Heritage List, as an exemplary example of cross-border cultural collaboration between Poland and Germany. It was added to the list on two criteria: for breaking new ground in terms of development towards the ideal man-made landscape, and for its influence on the development of landscape architecture as a discipline.

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Bad Muskau Overview

Bad Muskau is located on the Lusatian Neisse, which forms the border between Poland and Germany, directly opposite the Polish town Łęknica.

Things to See in Bad Muskau

Ruins of the mountain church

Old Castle

Neues Schloss

Orangery in the Palace, built by Ludwig Persius

Evangelical Jacobuskirche

Tombs of Leopold Schefer and Machbuba

War Memorial Köbeln

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More about the History of Bad Muskau

Muskau was founded in the 13th century and was first mentioned in 1249. The earldom (Standesherrschaft) of Muskau was the largest of the Holy Roman Empire. It belonged to the Margraviate of Upper Lusatia under the Electorate of Saxony until 1806, when the electorate was elevated to the Kingdom of Saxony. Much (Much vacation rentals | Much travel guide) of Upper Lusatia passed to the Kingdom of Prussia according to the 1815 Congress of Vienna and was administered within the Province of Silesia.

Up to the beginning of the 19th century Muskau's direct rulers were the Earls of Callenberg, succeeded up to 1845 by Earl (later Duke) Hermann von Pückler-Muskau, later on by Prince Wilhelm Friedrich Karl von Oranien-Nassau, and after him by the Earls von Arnim, right up to 1945. After 1945 it was divided (along the Neisse River) between East Germany and Poland. About two thirds of the Park von Muskau came under Polish administration. In 1962 Muskau was renamed "Bad Muskau" after a therapeutic bath (spa) was built there.

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Bad Muskau, formerly Muskau, Sorbian: Upper Sorbian: Mužakow) is a spa town in Upper Lusatia, Germany, being the site of the famous Park von Muskau. It is part of the district Görlitz, in Saxony.

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