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"Hello my name is Jennifer Peters, My mother's family originated from Bad Nenndorf Germany (August Pfingsten) and I would like to eventually visit. What are the top 5 sites to see here? What are the best hotels to consider? Is there a main "religion" in Bad Nenndorf or are there several? Sorry I guess that is many questions. Thank you for your time. Jennifer Peters" (posted 01/02/2015)

Top 5 Hannover, Steinhude, Schaumburg district, Uplands, Marienburg Best place to stay in our Religion: 80% ev.- Lutheran, rest. Roman - Catholic, and other
Answer provided by Heinz-Herbert Kauke on 01/02/2015
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Bad Nenndorf is a spa town and has the Landgraf Terme various spa and fitness facilities. Is known Bad Nenndorf eg for the moor bathing. There are also in Bad Nenndorf a large park with a Süntelbuchenallee (very bizarre trees). Bad Nenndorf am Deister (a mountain range), where you can go hiking all day. If you are interested in culture, you should go to Hanover (easy to reach by train). There are several attractions such as the Royal Gardens or the castle, the market church and town hall .... Also Hagen is an interesting (but much smaller) city with beautiful buildings from the Weser Renaissance. About Hotels in Bad Nenndorf I can say little; the only way I know the hotel is forging Gehrke in Riepen (about 5km from Bad Nenndorf). But there are some hotels in Bad Nenndorf. People in Bad Nenndorf are mostly Protestant - but there are a few exceptions.
Answer provided by Roland Bettien on 01/02/2015
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Bad Nenndorf Overview

Bad Nenndorf's population is 10,210 (2005). It is situated approx. 12 km east of Stadthagen, and 25 km west of Hanover, at the southern edge of the North German Plain and the northern edge of the Deister ridge. The area of the town includes the outlying villages of Riepen, Horsten and Waltringhausen.

Things to See in Bad Nenndorf

"Nenndorfer Rotröcke"

Trachtengruppe Niendärsche Kaumelkers


Regular Events

  • Stadtfest
  • Schützenfest
  • Lichterfest
  • Pumpenfest
  • Erntefest
  • Weihnachtsmarkt
  • Kurparklauf


  • Evangelische St. Godehardi-Kirche
  • Katholische Kirche Maria v. hl. Rosenkranz
  • Kurapotheke
  • Hotel Esplanade
  • Schlösschen in Kurpark
  • Haus Kassel (Kassel vacation rentals | Kassel travel guide) in Kurpark
  • Landgrafenhaus in Kurpark
  • Brunnentempel

"Vogelpark am Krater"

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More about the History of Bad Nenndorf

The village, probably dating from the beginning of the 9th century, is first recorded as Nyanthorpe in the records of Corvey Abbey in 936.

The first church was erected in 1136. The village was the property of the Counts of Schaumburg from 1311. Following the establishment of another small settlement to the SW of the village, the distinction was drawn between Gross Nenndorf and Klein Nenndorf. A further settlement by the name of Densinghausen, in the area of the modern town, was destroyed in the Thirty Years War. After the division of the county of Schaumburg in 1647, Nenndorf belonged to Hesse-Kassel (or Hesse-Cassel).

The healing power of the sulphur springs, situated between Gross Nenndorf and Klein Nenndorf, and first recorded in 1546, was first generally recognised in the mid 18th century. On the initiative of Landgrave Wilhelm IX of Hesse-Kassel, the 'estate district' of Nenndorf, with bathing installations and spa park, was initiated in 1787. The sulphur springs, which until then had been despised as devil's excrement on account of their pungent odour, were reckoned among the most powerful in Europe, and could now finally be applied with great success for rheumatism, arthritis and skin complaints. Soon Nenndorf was one of the leading German spas. In 1866 Bad Nenndorf became the Royal Prussian state spa, and financial support from Berlin enabled it to expand further.

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Bad Nenndorf is a small town in the district of Schaumburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

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