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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

"Where in Bad Rappenau can I buy fresh rolls in the morning or get a nice breakfast with coffee?" (posted 09/03/2014)

Just browse through the street stroll, near the church, there are three bakeries. Lidl Aldi bake bakes the Raiffeisen market has a bakery Kaufland MFG Christian Klust
Answer provided by Christian Klust on 09/03/2014
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How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"Why should someone do a vacation in Bad Rappenau? Can you possibly tell me 2-3 popular travel tips for Bad Rappenau, which everyone visiting Bad Rappenau should see? Also let me know 2-3 special insider travel tips for Bad Rappenau that a typical tourist may not know about, but that you can highly recommend. Thanks!" (posted 07/01/2014)

Bad Rappenau located in the heart of the Kraichgau, a hilly landscape. We have, however, is here in Bad Rappenau salt water good for the respiratory system and for the skin. Who can stayed with us every day for free in our sole halls and outdoor pool. Our hotel ISTT a historic building documented by 1637th The historic sights like Bad Wimpfen the German prey in Guttenberg castle with bird flight shows. Mosbach with its historic old town and much more can be achieved in peace with our e-bikes (bikes with support by electric motors). The latest craze here in Germany. We also offer 40 other benefits also to the historical attractions in our area.
Answer provided by Christian Klust on 07/02/2014
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Bad Rappenau Overview

Bad Rappenau is a town in the district of Heilbronn (Heilbronn vacation rentals | Heilbronn travel guide) in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is situated about 15 km northwest of Heilbronn. Bad Rappenau is situated in the northeastern Kraichgau.

Bad Rappenau consists of the town itself and the villages Babstadt, Bonfeld, Fürfeld, Grombach, Heinsheim, Obergimpern, Treschklingen and Wollenberg. Besides there are the hamlets Zimmerhof, Kohlhof, Maierhof, Bartsmühle, Kugelmühle and Sommersmühle. The hamlets Oberbiegelhof and Unterbiegelhof belong to Babstadt, Eichhäuser Hof, Obere Mühle and Untere Mühle belong to Bonfeld, Burg Ehrenberg belongs to Heinsheim, Eulenberg(er)hof, Wagenbach, Obere Mühle and Portland-Zementwerk belong to Obergimpern, Neumühle belongs to Wollenberg. Gone resp. non-existent villages are Niuern and Speceshart on the communal land of Rappenau, Eichhausen on the communal land of Bonfeld und Battenhausen on the communal land of Grombach.

Things to See in Bad Rappenau

Next to the parish church there's the old town hall built in 1841 being the first one. Nearby the old town hall there's a fountain of 1928 having the inscription: Ruhe ist des Bürgers erste Pflicht - Im Wein liegt Wahrheit, im Wasser liegt Klarheit. - The first citizen's duty is silence - In wine there's truth, in water there's clearness.

In the town there's some old half-timbering, e. g. the Dominikanerhof.


Bad Rappenau has several parcs at its disposal: the Schlosspark in the west around of the water castle and the Salinengarten including Hohenstadter Grund and Kurpark in the east.

Since 1977 and 1978 there's the Straßenfest respectively Stadtfest, also a spring festival takes place. Since the 1980s and 1990s there are different festivals in other parts of the town, e. g. the Herbstfest and the Schlosshoffest in Grombach, the Fischerfest in Heinsheim, the Schlossfest in Obergimpern, the Kelterfest in Wollenberg and the Martinimarkt in Zimmerhof. Also there's the lightning festival taking more than 10,000 visitors to Bad Rappenau and having big success. An open-air festival is also taking place.

From April 25 to October 5 the Landesgartenschau of Baden-Württemberg takes place in Bad Rappenau. One of the main attractions is the graduation tower.

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More about the History of Bad Rappenau

Rappenau was first mentioned documentary in 1343. According to other sources the village was previously named as Rappenheim due to its founder Rappo who was not in connection with ministerials. Presumably the settlement began around the 8th century. In Middle Ages there were three villages near Rappenau: the upper village, the older lower village and the no-more existent village Speßhardt, besides several hamlets.

In 1887 the children's spa rooms were opened. In 1912 Prof. Dr. Oskar Vulpius opened a sanatorium containing 120 beds to treat bone, joint and gland sufferings. Meanwhile a new brine bath was built and opened in 1903. In 1921 there were around 84,500 overnight stays. The recognition of being a spa town goes back to a decree of 1930 by the ministry of Baden. Since then the municipality took the name Bad Rappenau. After World War II cure bustle increased heavily. In 1952 it has been the seventh biggest spa town in Baden. In the 1970s there were four special clinics consisting around 600,000 overnight stays.

Due to the administration reform of 1936 Bad Rappenau turned into the district of Sinsheim (Sinsheim vacation rentals | Sinsheim travel guide). On April 1, 1950, the village Zimmerhof has been incorporated into the municipality. From 1971 to 1973 eight further municipalities had been incorporated into Bad Rappenau. Due to the district reform of January 1, 1973, Bad Rappenau turned into the district of Heilbronn (Heilbronn vacation rentals | Heilbronn travel guide). This district belongs to the administrative district of Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide), so a municipality previously belonging to Baden is now administrated by Württemberg. Also in 1973 the municipality got town rights. On January 1, 2003, Bad Rappenau became a Große Kreisstadt.

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Bad Rappenau is a town in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is situated about 15 km northwest of Heilbronn. Bad Rappenau is situated in the northeastern Kraichgau.

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