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Bad Saarow is a municipality in the Oder-Spree in Brandenburg. They belong to is the administrative seat of the Office Scharmützelsee, the other four municipalities.

The place is known for its healing hot springs and mineral-rich mud, which was already at the early history of the site in 1900 for the curing of skin diseases. Since 1923, carries the official title Saarow "Bad". 1998, a new spa was opened.

Bad Saarow is a brine and mud baths on Scharmützelsee. It lies about 70 km southeast of Berlin (Berlin vacation rentals | Berlin travel guide). Bad Saarow is characterized by its densely wooded and park-like plots of the early years of the villa colony (from 1906) after a plan by Ludwig Lesser, Ernst Emil Kopp and Kopp.

Meanwhile, the town was called Bad Saarow-Pieskow what has changed in the wake of the municipality reform. Pieskow is the older part of Bad Saarow; thermal and the railway station located in this district.

Community structure:

  • Saarow
  • Neu Golm
  • Petersdorf
  • Pieskow

Today, with around 4,800 inhabitants, is the largest town on Saarow Scharmützelsee. By the end of the 19th Century were also Saarow Pieskow and economically ill-posed villages. With the influx of wealthy Berlin in early 1900 the situation changed and in 1907 the two villages were combined to double community. 1911 was the connection to the railway rail network in 1912 which is still preserved station completed. Around this time he also wrote in Pieskow artist colony "bleating village," so named because the architect does not satisfy the "bleating" owner could.

Neu Golm is a hamlet near Fürstenwalde with 290 inhabitants. Near Neu Golm, there is an earth station, whose hallmark is the cylindrical building is operating, standing on the roof of a freely swiveling parabolic antenna with 12 meters in diameter. In addition there exists a parabolic antenna with 11 meters in diameter. She was in operation until 1996, at the time, the land and buildings used by a company.


The town is located in and around the edges of a 25,000 to 15,000 years old glacial meltwater channel of the Vistula River (Frankfurt Stadium).

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More about the History of Bad Saarow

In 1774 Saarow Pieskow and Silberberg have 225 inhabitants. Theodor Fontane attended Saarow 1881. The first five massive buildings are built in 1906/07 in the country house colony. Saarow Pieskow and be united to 1907 Saarow-Pieskow. The water tower with a 1,000-cubic-meter tank is built in 1908/09. The orbit-Beeskow Fürstenwalde with the stations and Saarow Pieskow is completed 1912th The building of the mud bath mud bath Saarow GmbH is built 1914th

Max Rose Garden of the purchases in 1920 Scharmützelsee Saarow-Pieskow country house estate. In 1922, the municipality has 998 inhabitants Saarow-Pieskow. Saarow 1923 is officially a bath, Saarow-Pieskow is Bad Saarow-Pieskow. The place is preferred resort and meeting point of Berlin's cultural scene and film the "Golden Twenties", which acquire this property and waterfront property, including Max Schmeling, Harry Liedtke and others (see figures). Even Maxim Gorky 1922-1923 bored a few times in Saarow for recreation.

The post office and the office building to be erected 1925th In 1927, a chlorine-calcium mineral spring in 175 m depth is developed.

In the 1930s the resort was also the venue for aspiring international chess tournaments. Linked to this are names like Efim Bogolyubov and Heinz von Hennig.

During the November 1938 pogroms not inconsiderable possessions of Jewish artists and movie stars today Karl-Marx-dam was destroyed by arson, others seized "ownerless" property for emigration or deportation to Nazi leaders. Remember since 2008 known as "stumbling stones" of the artist Gunter Demnig.

Bad Saarow also exists a base of the Air Force, held on the research for new weapons (see Ardenne Institute). From 1943 until April 1945 to the external command in the Sachsenhausen (Sachsenhausen vacation rentals | Sachsenhausen travel guide) concentration camp Bad Saarow perform about 700 prisoners for the SS construction sites. The Red Army occupied on 25 Bad Saarow April. A few days later, the actor Harry Liedtke is murdered by Red Army soldiers. After the Second World War, many displaced people move into town. In 1946, Bad Saarow-Pieskow has 2697 inhabitants, of whom 50% are displaced from the east.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Bad Saarow is a municipality in the Oder-Spree district, in Brandenburg, Germany.

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