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"Please tell us on what main road the town of Beilstein is located. We can't seem to find it on the map. Is the town on E41? Is it nearly south of Weinberg? Please let us know soon." (posted 04/06/2014)

Sorry that I answer only now. Couldn't do so before. But Beilstein lies on the A 81. Really sorry again. Lies on the L 1100.
Answer provided by Jürgen Schindler on 04/13/2014
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Beilstein is located about 15 km south of Weinsberg. Greetings Uli Frank
Answer provided by Ulrich Frank on 04/07/2014
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Exit off Autobahn A81 - either (coming from the north) "Ilsfeld" or (coming from the south) "Großbottwar", then continue on the marked state roads: Landesstrasse "1100" ... which connects Ludwigsburg to Heilbronn (Bottwartal) - Google Maps "Beilstein". Regards, E.Matthaeus
Answer provided by Eginhard Matthaeus on 04/07/2014
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Thank you for your inquiry. From our apartment in Obersulm-Eichelberg, the distance to Beilstein is about 18 km. To Weinsberg, it is about 12 km west. To the E41 motorway, it is about 10 km. Our apartment is fully booked on the following dates: 8-21.April, 7-11.June, 17th-24.July and 31.July.-2.August.2014. Inquiries about other dates welcome. Hans Gärtner Kelterstr. 78 74182 Obersulm-Eichelberg
Answer provided by Hans Gärtner on 04/07/2014
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We are in Oberstenfeld, about 2 kilometers from Beilstein. It`s south to Weinsberg. If you look on the map A81 you will find it between Heilbronn and Stuttgart on the right side. We live beween the vineyards in a lovely hilly country. You can check out www.beilstein.de, or www.oberstenfeld.de.
Answer provided by Gisela Schusser on 04/07/2014
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Beilstein (Württemberg) Overview

Beilstein is situated in the south of the district of Heilbronn (Heilbronn vacation rentals | Heilbronn travel guide). The town gets crossed by the Söhlbach, a tributary of the Bottwar. The communal land of Beilstein (Beilstein vacation rentals | Beilstein travel guide) includes big parts of the Löwenstein (Löwenstein vacation rentals | Löwenstein travel guide) Mountains. Apart from the town itself Beilstein contains of the villages Hohenbeilstein and Schmidhausen. The hamlets Etzlenswenden, Farnersberg and Stocksberg also belong to Beilstein. The neighbouring hill Stocksberg is the highest one of the Löwenstein Mountains, however, it doesn't belong to the communal land of Beilstein. There are also the hamlets Söhlbach, Obere Öhlmühle, Steinberg and Untere Ölmühle. The hamlets Billensbach, Gagernberg, Jettenbach, Kaisersbach (Kaisersbach vacation rentals | Kaisersbach travel guide), Klingen and Maad belong to Schmidhausen.

Things to See in Beilstein (Beilstein vacation rentals | Beilstein travel guide) (Württemberg)

Above Beilstein there's Hohenbeilstein Castle built in the 11th century but fell into ruin five centuries later. It was rebuilt in the 19th century and contains both a restaurant and a falconry today.

At half height between castle and town there's the Unteres Schloss (Lower Castle). It was built in 1907 by Robert Vollmoeller. The Unteres Schloss is the conference place of the Evangelical State Church in Württemberg since 1960.

The Magdalenenkirche was built in time of the Romanic. In 1805 its was used as a church has ended and served as a military hospital, ammunition dump and a gym. Later it decayed. In 1850 the choir got teared down. In 1955 there was a rebuilding to a youth hostel.

The town hall is a baroque timber building. After its destruction in 1693 it got rebuilt from 1703 to 1710. Even other timber buildings show the reconstruction of the town, e. g. the neighbouring Alte Schmiede (old smithy). Also a new Alte Kelter (old wine-press) was built in 1698 instead of an older one.

The Sankt-Anna-Kirche was presumably built in 1470 instead of an older church, being Beilstein's municipal church since 1800. It has been redeveloped from 1988 to 1990 completely.

Since 2004 a historical round tour invites to discover Beilstein and its environs. Within the other villages and hamlets there are further notable buildings.

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More about the History of Beilstein (Württemberg)

According to several documents it's presumed that Beilstein (Beilstein vacation rentals | Beilstein travel guide) developed in Middle Ages underneath Hohenbeilstein Castle. The castle has been built around 1080 and received castle walls around 1200. Around 1150 a Dietherich von Bilstein has been first mentioned. The owners presumably were natives of the Lords of Vaihingen and Löwenstein (Löwenstein vacation rentals | Löwenstein travel guide). Their possession changed to the Margraves of Baden in 1234. The town has been first mentioned documentary in 1245 and promoted to town status between 1250 and 1288. It was first mentioned documentary as a town in 1304 and changed its owners several times. Ulrich IV and Eberhard II gave the town to emperor Charles IV who returned it as a feoff. After any assumption of office the feoff was given to the next emperor or count until the 18th century. In the 14th century a city wall has been built. Beilstein also was an office and residential town of the Vogt.

According to a reorder of Württemberg's departments Beilstein got seat of Oberamt Beilstein between 1803 and 1806. However, four years later it got fusioned with the Oberamt Marbach. This one changed into the district of Heilbronn (Heilbronn vacation rentals | Heilbronn travel guide) in 1938. Around 1840 the town began to knock down its town gates and to expand. Further poverty lead to a decrease of population. Many people moved to bigger towns or emigrated. Between 1851 and 1860 67 people emigrated as verified. After 1970 the population increased heavily since Beilstein developed attractive to commuters driving to Heilbronn, Ludwigsburg (Ludwigsburg vacation rentals | Ludwigsburg travel guide) and Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide). By a state program of redevelopment decisive resolutions occurred in 1982 to change the town's image.

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Beilstein is a town in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is situated 14 km southeast of Heilbronn. Beilstein is on the Wuerttemberg wine route (Württemberger Weinstraße).

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