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Holidays in Berlin-Lichterfelde - The Berlin-Lichterfelde Travel Guide

Berlin-Lichterfelde city view
[ source: Flickr]

Berlin-Lichterfelde Overview

Lichterfelde is a locality in the borough of Steglitz-Zehlendorf in Berlin (Berlin vacation rentals | Berlin travel guide), Germany.

From 1945 to 1994 the Hauptkadettenanstalt was used as Andrews Barracks by the United States Army Berlin Brigade. Today it belongs to the German Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv), headquartered in Koblenz (Koblenz vacation rentals | Koblenz travel guide). Two other kasernes Roosevelt Barracks in Gardeschützen-Kaserne (former seat of the Prussian, later German Royal Guard) and McNair Barracks, a former Telefunken manufacturing plant on Goerzallee were nearby. While Lichterfelde-Ost was badly hit in parts by World War II, Lichterfelde-West is still largely intact and today one of the prime residential areas of Berlin. The Lichterfelde locality also houses the Berlin Botanical Garden and the Campus Benjamin Franklin, built in 1968 and today part of the Charité university hospital.

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Things to See in Berlin-Lichterfelde

  • Colony Villas Lichterfelde West with West Bazaar (S1 Lichterfelde West)
  • Botanical Garden (Botanical Garden S1)
  • Prussian cadets Berlin-Lichterfelde, now Bundesarchiv. Few parts are publicly available (Finckensteinallee)
  • Gutshaus Lichterfelde of JAW of Carstenn (Hindenburgdamm
  • Siemens-Villa, today German Music Archive (Gärtnerstraße)
  • Lichterfelde Park Cemetery, Cemetery celebrities of the early 20th century (Thuner Street)
  • Old Cemetery Lichterfelde (Moltkestraße)
  • Fly Berg and Otto Lilienthal (Lilienthal vacation rentals | Lilienthal travel guide) Memorial (Schutte-Lanz-Straße)
  • The Museum of the neighboring municipality of Steglitz in Drake Street has individual documents and exhibits to Lichterfelde and other neighboring municipalities in stock.

[ source: wikipedia ]

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More about the History of Berlin-Lichterfelde

The Prussian village Lichtervelde was founded in the 13th century by Flemish settlers. It saw considerable growth in the 19th century when the two Villenkolonien of Lichterfelde West and Lichterfelde-Ost were founded: two elegant settlements for wealthy Berliners made up completely of villas or mansion houses. The settlements and the historical villages of Lichterfelde and Giesensdorf were united in 1880 under the name of Groß-Lichterfelde (Greater-Lichterfelde).

[ source: wikipedia ]

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