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"I would like information about walking the König Ludwigs Weg. Where can I find a map? A list of towns and hotels along the way? A description of the trail?" (posted 01/09/2015)

Dear visitor, King Louis road goes even to the Neuschwanstein Castle. Here on Lake Starnberg we have the place where the king went into the water. The Sissi, empress in Austria lived in Possenhofen.Hier I live. S-Bahn means Possenhofen stop. There are beautiful hiking trails at Lake Starnberg. The lakeside villages in the West glad, Starnberg, Pöcking, Possenhofen, Feldafing, Tutzing, Bernried (With Buchheim Museum) and main lake (Top of the Lake). East bank has no train or railway. There will also find many small rural villages. , Starnberg. Ship piers mostly in the places mentioned. I can put together a trip. How many miles per day you want to run.? At what age are the travelers. We at Lake Starnberg 30 km from Munich Lb. greeting Eder www.Sonnenhof-Ferienwohnung.de
Answer provided by Rosemarie Eder on 01/09/2015
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http://www.sta5.de/reisefuehrer/aktiv/wandern-nordic-walking/koenig-ludwig-weg.html http://www.koenig-ludwig-weg.de/ More I can not say unfortunately. Feel free to recommend our apartment, it is next to the Castle of Sissi. Regards Andrea Querchfeld
Answer provided by Andrea Querchfeld on 01/09/2015
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Ludwig II. - The "Fairytale King" Ludwig II what not quite 19 years of age When, in 1864 he Became King of Bavaria. The grandson of Ludwig I was. At exceptionally sensitive to d romantic idealist, a monarch who did not really fit into his era He had barely taken up office When He bestowed on many favorrs Richard Wagner who what being hunted by his creditors. The composer be thanked him by composing this magnificent operas. The emotianal and excentric correspondence between the King and the composer fills volumes. And then he started building like mad. Ludwig II what the load King who, in this way, what able to realize his idea of ​​life as a total work of art - he failed: because of the change of the times and the misunderstanding of his environment. Today, the world praises his unipue castles, millions of visitors admire the magnificent buildings of Castle Neuschwanstein, Linderhof Castle and Herrenchiemsee Castle. These buildings and the enormous sums of money spent - the three castles cost 31 millions guilder - led to the King's indiction. An expense, Which, granted, today Seems Significantly more sensitive than near 90 million guilder Which werewolf literally Pulverised in the wars in Bavaria of his time. The King Ludwig II way starts in Starnberg and Ends at his most famous Castle Neuschwanstein in Fussen It has about 120km and goes through the Following cities: Starnberg, Mr. Ching, Unterdießen, Wessobrunn, Hohenpeißenberg, Rottenbuch, Wildsteig, Trauchgau, Hohenschwangau, feet. Hioghlights are: Monastry Andechs Brewery Andechs Marienmuenster Unterdießen Monastry Wessobrunn Hill Hohenpeissenberg Baroque style in Rottenbuch Church of the Wiesenstein Gaden Neuschwanstein Hohenschwangau The Museum of the bavarian kings More information can be found here: www.king-ludwig-way.com
Answer provided by Christine Bogensberger on 01/09/2015
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Bernried am Starnberger See Overview

Bernried lies on the western shore line of Lake Starnberg (Starnberg vacation rentals | Starnberg travel guide). Along with itself, it includes the smaller towns of Adelsried, Gallafilz, Hapberg, Höhenried, and Gut Unterholz.

Things to See in Bernried (Bernried vacation rentals | Bernried travel guide) am Starnberger See

Schloss Bernried

Museum der Phantasie Kunstsammlung von Lothar-Günther Buchheim (Eröffnung 2001)

Schloss Höhenried


Haus des Klosterrichters




Sankt Martinskirche


Haus Willroider

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More about the History of Bernried am Starnberger See

In 1120 Kloster Bernried (Bernried vacation rentals | Bernried travel guide) was built. Only since 2007 was the surname of the city "am Starnberger See" added.

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Bernried am Starnberger See is a municipality in the Weilheim-Schongau district, in Bavaria, Germany.

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