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Biblis Overview

The community lies in the Rhine rift west of the Odenwald between Darmstadt (Darmstadt vacation rentals | Darmstadt travel guide) to the north and Mannheim (Mannheim vacation rentals | Mannheim travel guide) to the south; it also lies north of Bürstadt. Biblis lies directly north of the lower reaches of the Weschnitz, which empties into the Rhine only a few kilometres northwest of the community.

Things to See in Biblis

St. Bartolomew’s Catholic parish

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More about the History of Biblis

In 836, Biblis had its first documentary mention in the Lorsch (Lorsch vacation rentals | Lorsch travel guide) Abbey’s Codex Laureshamensis under the name Bibifloz (“settlement at the water”) when King Louis the German donated his holdings in Biblis, Wattenheim and Zullestein to his faithful vassal Wernher, who in turn bequeathed them to the Lorsch Abbey in 846. From 1461 to 1623, the area was pledged to the Palatinate, and in the Reformation’s wake it became Protestant, although after the retrocession, it became Catholic again. During the Thirty Years' War, the community was laid waste several times, and the populace was decimated by the Plague. With Secularization in 1803, the community passed to what later became the Grand Duchy of Hesse and was assigned to the district of Worms (Worms vacation rentals | Worms travel guide).

In 1936 the German Luftwaffe built an airfield in Biblis disguised as a typical Hessian farm. The airfield was used during World War II to intercept allied bombers and is an equestrian centre and restaurant today.

In 1945, Biblis was split off from Worms, which became part of the new federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, and became part of the Bergstrasse district in the state of Hesse. The formerly self-governing communities of Biblis, Nordheim and Wattenheim merged in 1970 to form the greater community of Biblis.

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Biblis is a community in the Bergstraße district in southern Hesse, Germany.

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