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Borkum Overview

Borkum is bordered to the west by the Westereems strait (which forms the border with the Netherlands), to the east by the Osterems strait, to the north by the North Sea, and to the south by the Wadden Sea. It is the largest and westernmost of the East Frisian Islands in the North Sea, due north of the Dutch province of Groningen. The island was formed by two previously separate islands which were still separated by a shallow water in 1863. The seam between the former eastern and western parts is called Tüskendör ("through in between").

Things to See in Borkum

Number of lighthouses around the area

Feuerschiff Borkumriff, a German ship

Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer


Borkum swim

Klaasohm, a custom from whalers

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More about the History of Borkum

On 19 and 20 December 1934, Wernher von Braun launched "Max" and "Moritz", the two prototypes of the A2-rocket. Lager Borkum, the Nazi labour camp on Alderney was named after the island.

In "Mexico as I saw it", published by Thomas Nelson, Mrs Alec Tweedie, writing in 1911 about a trip of 1900 to Mexico, compares the brick roads of Monterey with those of Borkum, "the one spot on earth from which Jews are banished". This had to do with the aggressive and successful campaign of German tourists to keep Borkum free from Jewish visitors, as celebrated in the antisemitic "Borkum-Lied".

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Borkum is an island and a municipality in the Leer District in Lower Saxony, northwestern Germany.

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