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Botnang Overview

Botnang is almost entirely surrounded by woodland and lies in the hills to the west of Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide). The centre of Botnang lies 316 metres above sea level. The town's highest point is 479 metres above sea level in woods near to the so-called Forest House. Four streams, all fed by natural sources, flow down from the surrounding woods from the West and South West of Botnang to the Feuerbach valley and beyond.

Things to See in Botnang

The Auferstehungskirche (Church of the Resurrection) stands proudly on the hill over Eltinger Straße and is considered a symbol of "old Botnang". It is therefore often pictured on post cards and publications on the town. Following the second world war the church was built on the former site of the old village church and was completed in 1954.

Every summer a street festival is organised by club members of A.R.G.E. Botnang. This takes place on the streets along Marktplatz/Griegstraße/Franz-Schubert-Straße on the last Saturday before schools break up for the summer holidays.

The A.R.G.E. also organises an annual Christmas Market held on the Saturday preceding the 1st Advent. Until 2005 this always took place on Alte-Stuttgarter-Straße. In 2006 the Christmas Market moved to Griegstraße.

The Lantern Procession takes place annually in the middle of October and attracts up to 800 participants. The procession takes place in two waves through the brightly decorated old town of Botnang, culminating on the open area next to the modern sports hall with a huge bonfire.

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More about the History of Botnang

Botnang is first mentioned in official records in 1075 when the local landlords, the Counts of Calw (Calw vacation rentals | Calw travel guide), bequethed their property and all revenues from Botnang to Hirsau (Hirsau vacation rentals | Hirsau travel guide) Abbey. In 1281, Hirsau sold its ownership of Botnang to Bebenhausen Monastery. In 1418, Botnang was acquired by Eberhard im Bart and thus passed into Württemberg. Until 1631 Botnang then fell into the nearby district of Feuerbach.

Before the onset of industrialisation Botnang was known as a small township of launderers and bleachers. The woods benefitted from ample provisions of firewood and water so Botnang was in an ideal position to furnish the needs of the expanding city of Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide). For many years the south facing hills also supported a small number of vineyards. After the industrial revolution transformed the nearby city of Stuttgart into a major automotive city, Botnang gradually merged with the expanding commuter belt of Stuttgart, separated only by the surrounding woods which remain under a conservation order to this day. The town is therefore unlikely to grow beyond its current borders. On April 1, 1922 Botnang was incorporated into the city of Stuttgart. In 1925 Botnang had 4579 inhabitants. In 2006 the town had approximately 13,000 inhabitants.

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Botnang (formerly Bothnang) is a district of the City of Stuttgart and lies between Feuerbach, Stuttgart-West and Vaihingen.

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