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"Visiting St. Clemens Church. What are the days and hours the church is open?" (posted 07/17/2014)

The St. Clement's church is open from 9:30 until 5:00 every day, including weekends. You can even enter the church during services and events.
Answer provided by Martina Mursch on 07/18/2014
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The church is always open. Here are the times for the services: http://kirche-in-dithmarschen.de/kg-buesum/gottesdienste Kind regards from Büsum, Claus Grotehans www.haus-sarah.de
Answer provided by Claus Grotehans on 07/18/2014
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Büsum Overview

Büsum is a fishing and tourist town in the district of Dithmarschen, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is situated on the North Sea coast, approx. 18 km southwest of Heide.

The first documented mention of Büsum (as an island) dates from the year 1140. The island's name on medieval documents changed several times from the original Bivsne (1140) to Busin (1208), Busen (1281), and Buzen (1447). Büsum's medieval history has been documented through the chronicles of Neocorus (Johannes Adolph Köster), a pastor and teacher in Büsum during the 16th century

Things to See in Büsum

Since 1818, Büsum has been used as a spa town visited for the healing effects of the seawater and the mudflats of the Wadden Sea. It gained official Nordseebad (North Sea spa) status in 1837. To accommodate spa guests, Büsum was connected to the Prussian railroad network in 1883. During the Nazi regime, Büsum was a destination for Kraft durch Freude (strength through joy) tourists, a recreational program organized by the NSDAP. In 1949, Büsum was officially named a Nordseeheilbad (North Sea health spa). Nowadays, Büsum is a popular summer vacation spot for families and day trips from Hamburg (Hamburg vacation rentals | Hamburg travel guide). in 2002, Büsum accommodated 658,723 overnight stays by 83,295 guests. Nearly all (99.5%) of Büsum's tourists are Germans. One of Büsum's landmarks is the lighthouse. Built in 1912/13 from 55 tons of cast iron plates, it was originally painted black until it received its characteristic red and white coat in 1952. It is being operated automatically since 1976 and managed by the Water and Shipping Authority Tönning. From the harbor of Büsum, tourists can take trips to sea, either for pleasure or fishing, as nature trips along the Wadden Sea National Parks, or to the island Helgoland (Helgoland vacation rentals | Helgoland travel guide).

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More about the History of Büsum

During medieval times, Büsum was an island with three villages, Süderdorp, Middeldorp and Norddorp. Devastating floods in 1362 (Grote Mandrenke), 1436, and 1570 (All Saint's Flood) drowned most of the island and destroyed the two settlements Süderdorp and Middeldorp. The former Norddorp with the St. Clemens church nowadays forms the old core of the town Büsum.

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Useful historic Information

Feuerland expedition by Gunther Plüschow: Article of Eberhard Baeumerth: „Büsum wird 1585 landfest“ (in German): Büsumer photo album:

As one could expect for a town located directly on the coast of the North Sea, Buesum, Schleswig-Holstein, has a long history shaped by the fishing and tourism industries. The city was first documented in 1140, and until 1585, the town was an island. The building of a dam in 1585 resulted in the town being connected to the mainland. Besides the fishing industry, which focuses on North Sea shrimp, Buesum is also a spa town which attracts tourists because of the healing benefits of seawater and the mudflats of the Wadden Sea intertidal zone. Tens of thousands of tourists flock to Buesum every summer. While visiting, be sure to take a look at the cheerful red and white lighthouse, which was built in 1912-13. St. Clemens Church, constructed in the 1440s, is also worth a tour. In addition, Buesum is home to an interpretive center for the Wadden Sea National Parks (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Museum am Meer, which interprets the local history of the town's fishing and tourism industries. From the harbor, visitors can book boat passage for sea tours, or they can take trips into the Wadden Sea National Parks or to Helgoland Island. If you happen to be in Buesum in the summer, check out the Wattenlaufen mit Musik and Wattenpolonaise. As spa guest, you can go for a mudflat hike with a marching band out into the Wadden Sea at low tide. Regular stops are made for dancing and games. Besides Helgoland, you can easily take a day trip to Itzehoe, which is only 40 miles away.

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