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Burgebrach Overview

Burgebrach is said to be the eastern gateway to the Steigerwald (forest), where the Mittlere Ebrach empties into the Rauhe Ebrach. It is to be found on Bundesstraße 22 halfway between Bamberg and Ebrach.

Things to See in Burgebrach

The St. Vitus parish church with Gothic and Baroque elements has been witnessed since 1154. Building work on the tower was begun in the 13th century. On the right side in the choir space stand figures from the Veit Stoss school of those who endowed the Bishopric of Bamberg: Emperor Heinrich and his wife Kunigunde.

On the church square stands a Mount of Olives group in a hexagonal sandstone housing with rib vaulting, facing tracery and an off-centre cupola.

The parish house was once the Prince-Bishop’s hunting palace and in 1909 it was remodelled in the Neo-Renaissance style.

From the town’s fortifications the Upper Gate still remains (gatehouse from 1720), which still houses the town hall today with the administration building built onto it.

Windeck ruins in Ampferbach

Former Amt court/district hospital, now a community centre.

The church consecration festival (Kirchweih, or locally, Kerwa), known well beyond the community, takes place yearly on the Sunday after Michaelmas (29 September), so on the last weekend in September or the first in October.

Every three months – quarterly, on the second Sunday in March, June, September and December – markets are held in Burgebrach, which are well patronized.

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More about the History of Burgebrach

The first known name for the place was Urbs Ebraha in 1023. Emperor Heinrich II donated it to the Bishopric of Würzburg, which then sold it to the High Monastery at Bamberg. Burgebrach was the original parish for more than 40 outlying places. It was granted market rights on 21 August 1472 by Bamberg Bishop Georg von Schaumburg. In 1499, on the Bishop’s demands, three defensive towers had to be built, for which the Bishop exempted the market town from taxes. Walls were needless, as the boggy meadows and the Ebrach’s two arms had long been thwarting enemy attacks. Thus Burgebrach was spared the fury of the Hussite and German Peasants' Wars. Only in 1550 was it beset by the notorious Margrave Albrecht Alkibiades’s, and on 16 February 1632 in the Thirty Years' War by the Swedes’ plundering and pillaging. In 1706, a great deal of money and goods were forced out of the townsfolk by the French. Since the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss of 1803, the community has no longer belonged to the High Monastery at Bamberg, but rather to Bavaria. Burgebrach once had Jewish inhabitants who had at their disposal a synagogue and a mikvah. The former has been converted into a home, while the latter, a ritual bath, is used nowadays as a garage. The dead were buried in Walsdorf.

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Burgebrach is a market town in the Upper Franconian district of Bamberg and the seat of the administrative community (Verwaltungsgemeinschaft) of Burgebrach.

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