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Butjadingen Overview

Butjadingen is situated on the German North Sea coast. It is bordered on the west and southwest by the Jade River and on the east by the Weser River. It forms the northern part of the Wesermarsch district and has a rather low population. The political borough of Butjadingen adjoins to Nordenham (Nordenham vacation rentals | Nordenham travel guide) which geographically is also part of the peninsula Butjadingen.

Things to See in Butjadingen

The main tourist sites are the villages of Tossens, Burhave and Eckwarden. There are ferries across the Weser from Nordenham (Nordenham vacation rentals | Nordenham travel guide) to Bremerhaven (Bremerhaven vacation rentals | Bremerhaven travel guide) and (during summer months) across the Jade from Eckwarderhörne to Wilhelmshaven (Wilhelmshaven vacation rentals | Wilhelmshaven travel guide). In Nordenham there is a train station with several connections per day to Bremen (Bremen vacation rentals | Bremen travel guide).

St. Laurentius-Kirche organ

Kunst Promenade, a gallery that features a number of wood, stone, metal and marble.

Museum Nationalparkhaus Fedderwardersiel

Galerie am Wehlhamm

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More about the History of Butjadingen

The peninsula was formed during the Middle Ages when huge floods created today's North Sea coast lines. After the disastrous Second Marcellus Flood on January 13, 1362 (which occurred around the day of Marcelli Pontificis) Butjadingen temporarily became an island. Its name is derived from Low German "buten" (=outside) and "Jade" and thus means the lands on the other side of the Jade river.

In front of the peninsula is the Wadden Sea which stretches between the Jade's and the Weser's mouths about 23 kilometres to the northwest beyond the Mellum island. It is part of the Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer (Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park), one of three German Wadden Sea National Parks.

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Butjadingen is a peninsula and municipality in the Wesermarsch districts, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

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