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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

"My husband was born in Buxtahude in a camp for Ukrainians who were brought to Germany to work during the Second World War. I heard that there was a museum/historical site in Buxtehude to commemorate the refugees. If so, where is it and what is it called? We are coming to Germany in June, 2016 and my husband would like to see where he was born. Thank you. " (posted 12/06/2015)

Hello, via a bearing in Buxtehude is me unfortunately not known. What I could find is this: In Heidenau (30km) was after the Second World War, a detention center for about 4,000 "displaced persons" (DPs) from Ukraine. Originally from Buchholz historian Dr. Jan-Hinnerk Antons has in his doctoral dissertation examines the everyday life in Heidenauer camp and found: In the DP camps there were similar infighting between radical national, anti-Russian Western Ukrainians and influenced by Russian culture Ostukrainiern as today forging ahead in the Ukraine crisis. Antons research at the Hamburg Helmut Schmidt University of the Bundeswehr on the history of Eastern Europe. In Heidenau former forced laborers and anti-communists were 1945-1957 housed. The self-managed camps were doing a political and social microcosm, they had church, newspaper, school and a political system. The camp in Heidenau, Anton found out was a stronghold of radical Ukrainian Nationalists. This derived mainly from western Ukraine group had systematically tried to impose their ideas of Ukrainian national identity over the stock policy.
Answer provided by Antje Schmidt on 12/06/2015
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Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

" Planning to Visit Buxtehude for 05 days. Can you recommend an itinerary for 5 days? Thanks!" (posted 07/02/2014)

As a starting point, Buxtehude always offers bountiful opportunities for recreation: Explore the historic old towns of Stade and Buxtehude. You can cycle through the Old Country and the Estetal. Make a day trip to Cuxhaven, Bremen, Lübeck, Lüneburg and the Lüneburg Heath. Or does the Hanseatic City of Hamburg appeal to you? The ferry goes from Cranz's Blankenese or from Finkenwerder to Övelgönne (museum harbor), the fish market (Altona), and the St. Pauli landing bridges, and it then continues to the Speicherstadt (Sandtorhöft). Even in the context of local public transport links & Buxtehude is always the first choice: >> Direct S-Bahn Hamburg Hbf / Jungfernstieg / jetties / Altona without needing to change trains. Metronome >> direction Stade, Cuxhaven and Hamburg. EVB >> direction Bremervörde and Bremerhaven. So >> Buxtehude is very well integrated in the HVV with frequent transit times. >> Weekdays and even on weekends.
Answer provided by Antje Schmidt on 07/02/2014
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I would love to help you plan your stay in Buxtehude: Day 1: Visit to the beautiful old town with a visit to the harbor, the St. Peter's Church and / or shopping opportunities and cafe / restaurant visit Day 2: Take the S-Bahn to Hamburg (38 minutes to Central Station). From there, visit the Alster lake and the town hall, museums, parks, etc. Day 3: Drive to the Old Country by bike and enjoying the many fruits, picturesque churches and views of the Elbe from the dike. Day 4: Walk through the Neukloster Forest, dine at the Landgasthof Seeburg, and walk back. Day 5: Relax or take a short bike ride in the area.
Answer provided by Dorit Hansen on 07/02/2014
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Some ideas for Buxtehude and surroundings: "The Old Country". Buxtefude is mttendrin. Here you can be resourceful: Holidays and trips to the Old Country on the Lower Elbe travel information and accommodation The Best 7 Old Country Links Old Country tourist information Tourist information eV by the Tourist Office Old Country, tips and information for holidays and vacations, Description of the holiday, attractions, leisure and recreation opportunities and events as well as accommodation and hosts. http://www.tourismus-altesland.de/ [German-Deutsch-Français] Apartment Am dike in the Old Country "Vacation in the Old Country, between Hamburg and Stade on the Elbe and Liihe Experience the thrill and the charm of the old country recreation right on the dike -.. Lies in the middle of Germany's largest, contiguous fruit-growing area just a few steps away from the River Elbe our great. comfortable apartment. follow the entering and leaving ships and they dream of the wide world., we are happy to be your host for the best weeks of the year. " http://www.ferien-im-alten-land.de [German] Holiday Houses in the Old Country on the dike "House in the Old Country near Cuxhaven on the North Sea estuary. Holiday for the whole family in comfortable cottages between Hamburg and Cuxhaven, on the dike in Germany's largest fruit growing area." http://www.ferienhaus-im-alten-land.de [German] Stade Tourism "The district of Stade has a lot to offer: the Elbe, three very different, typically north German landscapes: peat and Geest on the Stader Geest and the Kehdinger country, the two Hanseatic towns of Stade, Buxtehude, and not least with the old country one of the largest enclosed orchard - areas of Europe. " http://www.tourismusverband-stade.de/ [German] Youth in Stade "The 1000 year old former Hanseatic town and Sweden fortress on the lower Elbe has one of the most beautiful old towns in Northern Germany., The Elbe and the Old Country form a charming countryside. Hostel is located in the immediate vicinity of the old town at the moat of a bastion of Sweden." http://www.jugendherberge.de/jh/stade/ [German] Buxtehude Tourist Information Description of Buxtehude and tourist information the city of Buxtehude. Travel tips and travel information for holiday, vacation and travel, attractions, leisure and recreation opportunities and events as well as accommodation. http://www.stadt.buxtehude.de/ [German] Stade Tourist Information Description of the town of Stade on the Elbe. Information of STADE Tourism GmbH. Travel tips and travel information for holiday, vacation and travel, attractions, leisure and recreation opportunities and events as well as accommodation. http://www.stade-tourismus.de/ [German-English]
Answer provided by Ilme Osten on 07/03/2014
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

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Travel Insider Tips for Buxtehude

Buxtehude Overview

Buxtehude is a town on the Este River in Northern Germany in the district of Stade (Stade vacation rentals | Stade travel guide) and part of the Hamburg (Hamburg vacation rentals | Hamburg travel guide) Metropolitan Region (Metropolregion Hamburg).

Buxtehude is a steadily growing medium-sized town and the second largest in the district of Stade. It lies on the southern borders of the Altes Land within easy reach of the city-state of Hamburg. West of it are the towns of Horneburg (Horneburg vacation rentals | Horneburg travel guide) and Stade and to the south there are incorporated villages offering mostly upscale housing, e.g. Ottensen and Apensen.

Buxtehude is home to several large businesses and numerous smaller ones and retailers.

Overall Buxtehude is made up of 19,393 male and 19,495 female residents. The religious makeup of the city is 46.31% Lutheran Protestant, 7.76% Roman Catholic and 39.88% others including other Christian denominations and Judaism. Married couples makeup 48.28%; single, widowed and divorced individuals account for 51.70% while registered same-sex relationships are represented with 0.02%.

Buxtehude is home to 91.79% Germans and 8.21% with other background, most of them being Filipino (33.09%), Turkish (10.65%) or Polish (7.24%).

Things to Do

Buxtehude enjoys a good reputation as a warm, visitor-friendly town preserving its cultural and regional heritage without denying the future. Besides the beautiful old part of town, the main church of Sankt Petri (St. Peter) and the Zwinger are great places to pay a visit to. The Altes Land adjacent to Buxtehude and the close Elbe river serve as great get-aways for a bicycle tour or a long hike. Buxtehude can as well be used as your hub for tours to the nearby cities of Hamburg (Hamburg vacation rentals | Hamburg travel guide) and Bremen (Bremen vacation rentals | Bremen travel guide).

Regular events

For the interested visitor, some events held every year:

Buxtehuder Pistennacht

The Pistennacht is an event where bars, restaurants and clubs in the old part of town are open all night long. A stage downtown and some individual places offer live music.

Pfingstmarkt Neukloster

The Pfingstmarkt is the biggest fair in northern Germany along the national highway "B73". It is always held on the Christian holiday of Pentacost (German: Pfingsten) exactly 50 days after Easter close to Buxtehude. It features 130 exhibitors with many rides including a Ferris wheel and bumper cars as well as lottery booths, snack booths and sit-down food locations. In 2004 140.000 visitors flocked to the fair compared to 10.000 in 1904 and 100.000 in the 1970s.


Like the Pistennacht, the Altstadtfest (literally: "Old Town Festival") is held downtown. Every year on the first weekend of June the whole old part of town turns into a party with several stages with live music. Sunday morning the city's biggest flea market is held around the Fleth. For the occasion of Altstadtfest the town is decorated in the city colors of blue and yellow.


Vinum is the motto for the annual celebration of wine in old town Buxtehude. For one weekend the city dedicates itself to culture of wine and many booths for wine testing and entertainment open.


Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) is held in the month of December in the Altstadt area with the highlight being Glühwein and bratwurst stalls. Various music concerts are also held at the St. Peter's square on the weekend before Christmas.

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More about the History of Buxtehude

In 959 a settlement by the Este river is first recorded. The farmer colony called "Bouchstadon" is given to the cloister of Magdeburg (Magdeburg vacation rentals | Magdeburg travel guide). Soon a wharf, "Hude", is established. By 1328 the city's town hall is mentioned first in history and the city is granted full town privileges, modelled according to those of Hamburg (Hamburg vacation rentals | Hamburg travel guide). By now "Buxtehude" is self-governing advancing to a trading town.

In 1945 the population grows to 14,000. Much living space in Hamburg was bombed out and people flee to the suburbs and exurbs such as Buxtehude. In 1958 Buxtehude is decided to be in charge of reconstructing much of Hamburg after the war and thus is heavily funded with government money. Lower Saxony incorporates 9 neighboring villages into the town in 1972 changing the structure of Buxtehude and creating a cluster of more than 30,000 inhabitants. In 1983 the old part of town is pedestrianized.

Buxtehude is a town on the Este River in Northern Germany in the district of Stade and part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (Metropolregion Hamburg).

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