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Dassow Overview

Dassow has been one of the eleven municipalities and districts within the expanded Schönberg administrative region since January 1, 2005. At that time, the Ostseestrand (Eastern/Baltic Sea Coastal) region which had previously included Dassow was abolished.

Things to See in Dassow

St.-Nikolai-Kirche, a Gothic brick church which dates from the second half of the 13th century

Tiger park in the commercial area (white tiger, numerous other kinds of tigers, Alpacas and small animal)

Monument at the old port

The Altenteilerkate Dassow local history museum on Lübecker road

Castle Lütgenhof (built as a manor in 1839, converted to a castle in 1890 and to a restaurant and hotel with 23 rooms in 1999.)

Water Castle Johannstorf on the North side of the Dassower See

Castle Pötenitz ("Hotelruine" adjacent to Bay of Lübeck (Lübeck vacation rentals | Lübeck travel guide) and within sight of Travemünde)

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More about the History of Dassow

The name for Dassow, Germany is of Slavic origin. The original name was "Dartzowe" which is Slavic for thorn bush. Over the years the name changed to "Dartzow", "Darsowe", "Dassaw" and finally "Dassow". The city is probably named after the thorn bushes growing on rocky ground near the city. The city crest for Dassow, Germany is a castle gate with a thorn bush growing in it.

In the middle of the twelfth century a German castle with a small settlement around it emerged from the formerly Slavic castle, strategically positioned on the road connecting Lübeck (Lübeck vacation rentals | Lübeck travel guide) and Wismar (Wismar vacation rentals | Wismar travel guide).

The church of St Nicholas is built in the early Gothic style and constructed of brick, characteristic of a region without ready access to building stone. It was already included in the Ratzeburg Tithes Register (Ratzeburger Zehntregister) of 1230, at which time the parish belonged to the bishopric of Ratzeburg. The church tower is more recent, dating from the sixteenth century.

The town’s commercial traditions are evidenced by a large eighteenth century warehouse at the mouth of the Stepenitz River. Here agricultural and other produce from the surrounding area could be gathered for onward conveyance to the great port at nearby Lübeck.

More recently, as the most north westerly town in the former German Democratic Republic, Dassow found itself till 1989 at the heart of a restricted zone, accessible only to those able to obtain a special pass from the East German authorities. The town was separated by a wall from its lake during most of this period, since the lake remained administratively a part of Lübeck, within the West Germany.

The settlement of Dassow in post 1919 Germany acquired the status of a town only in the year 1938: there was, however, another Dassow to the east.

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Dassow is a town in the Nordwestmecklenburg district, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. It is situated on a bay of the Baltic Sea, 20 km east of Lübeck.

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