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Dietzenbach Overview

Dietzenbach borders in the north on the town of Heusenstamm (Heusenstamm vacation rentals | Heusenstamm travel guide), in the east on the town of Rodgau (Rodgau vacation rentals | Rodgau travel guide), in the south on the town of Rödermark (Rödermark vacation rentals | Rödermark travel guide) and in the west on the town of Dreieich (Dreieich vacation rentals | Dreieich travel guide).

Things to See in Dietzenbach

Yearly events

  • Apfelblütenfest is being held in April.
  • Fest ohne Grenzen (“Festival Without Borders”), held at the Hessentagspark
  • Fest der Biere (“Festival of Beers”), held at the Harmonieplatz, lasts five days
  • Weinfest in the New Town Centre, runs ten days
  • Nacht der Lichter(“Night of the Lights”)with "Museumsnacht" and "Heimatfest" held in the Old Town Centre
  • Trinkbornfest in the Old Town on the first weekend in September
  • Dietzenbacher Kelterfest about the "Äbbelwoi" and the makinng of it
  • Kerb or Kirchweih (kermis), always held on the last weekend in October. It stretches along Landwehrstraße from Harmonieplatz to the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Schule (school). The revived tradition of the Kerbborsche – a group of young men who perform part of the ceremony – is an important part of the kermis.


  • Altstadtmarkt (Old City Centre Market) where the old, traditionell Art is shown together with the modern, young Artists
  • Kreativmarkt (creative Market) is a market for Creatives and Hobby Artists of the whole Rhein-Main-Area
  • Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) on the first weekend in Advent


  • Catholic parish of “Sankt Martin”
  • Catholic church of “Hildegardis-Haus”
  • Evangelical parish of “Martin-Luther”
  • Evangelical Free Church (Pentecostal parish) of “Jesus-Gemeinde”
  • Evangelical parish of “Rut”
  • Evangelical “Christuskirchengemeinde”

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More about the History of Dietzenbach

Dietzenbach had its first documentary mention about 1210 in a donation document to the Patershausen monastery as Dicenbah. The later forsaken settlements of Ippingshausen and Richolshausen lay within what are now Dietzenbach’s limits in the Early Middle Ages.

In 1545, the Counts of Hanau (Hanau vacation rentals | Hanau travel guide), who had been Dietzenbach’s lords for a few centuries, introduced Protestantism. When the Counts of Hanau died out in 1736, the Landgraves Hesse-Darmstadt and of Hesse-Kassel fought over who had the right to be Dietzenbach’s lords.

The Amt of Schaafheim (Schaafheim vacation rentals | Schaafheim travel guide), with Dietzenbach, which lay within it, passed in 1773 to Hesse-Darmstadt. With the partition of the Rödermark (Rödermark vacation rentals | Rödermark travel guide) in 1818, the community acquired its forest. In 1821, the Amt of Schaafheim was dissolved and Dietzenbach passed to the Landratsbezirk of Langen (Langen vacation rentals | Langen travel guide). However, by 1832 Dietzenbach had already been assigned to the district of Offenbach.

In 1898, the railway through Offenbach, Bieber and Heusenstamm (Heusenstamm vacation rentals | Heusenstamm travel guide) to Dietzenbach was dedicated and the railway station was built, which is now once again in use, after many years of seeing no passenger service at all, by the Rhine-Main S-Bahn. The line underwent an extensive modernization for S-Bahn operation. A British air raid in 1941 caused great damage in the community.

Dietzenbach was granted town rights in 1971. Since 2002, Dietzenbach has also been administrative seat of the district of Offenbach. However, it was only officially allowed to use the designation Kreisstadt (“District Seat”) beginning in March 2003 as the result of a dispute with the neighbouring town of Rodgau (Rodgau vacation rentals | Rodgau travel guide), which had demanded this status on the grounds that it had a greater population.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Dietzenbach is the seat of Offenbach district in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt in Hesse, Germany and lies roughly 12 km southeast of Frankfurt am Main on the river Bieber. Before the Second World War, the current town was a farming village with not quite 4,000 inhabitants. However, after the war, there was a considerable upswing in the population due to refugees settling in the community. From the 1970s onwards, Dietzenbach’s population rose rapidly, reaching some 33,000 by 2006. Just under a third of the inhabitants have roots in more than a hundred nations outside Germany. Agricultural buildings are nowadays seldom seen in Dietzenbach.

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