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"I am sending a group of high school students to the Heidelberg area and would like to know if they can walk from the Neckargamund cruise stop to Dilsberg Castle, visit the castle, and walk back to the ship." (posted 03/28/2017)

If you can come by boat from Heidelberg travel from Neckargemünd on the Dilsberg Ca. 5 km away, or drive to Neckarsteinach and from there via the lock on the Dilsberg hike for about 2 Km. (Steep slope) Mfg. R. Petrik
Answer provided by Reinhard Petrik on 03/30/2017
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"Why should someone do a vacation in Dilsberg? Can you possibly tell me 2-3 popular travel tips for Dilsberg, which everyone visiting Dilsberg should see? Also let me know 2-3 special insider travel tips for Dilsberg that a typical tourist may not know about, but that you can highly recommend. Thanks!" (posted 05/18/2014)

Here, you live in a historic half-timbered house from 1750 in the old center of the fortress Dilsberg, whose romantic streets lie, visible for miles, above the Neckar valley. The stronghold is over 800 years old and a vacation in this home is always a special experience, for young and old. From the ancient castle you have a wonderful view over the Neckar, the Odenwald and the Kraichgau. Equipped with every comfort, a fully equipped kitchen with a cozy dining area, a beautiful living room decorated with antiques, many pictures and special interior, with 2 small wood stoves in addition to regular heating and a small courtyard for drinking coffee outdoors, the house offers peace and tranquility and serves as the ideal starting point for activities in the Rhine-Neckar region, the nearby Palatinate and the mountain road. Good parking facilities are available. For children, there is a playground and in the castle garden, you can relax tranquilly. More information is available at http://www.heidelbergferienwohnung.de The area caters to all travelers, whether big or small: The old town of Neckargemuend has more than 1000 years of history. Medieval alleyways lined with half-timbered buildings are ideal for walks. Walks from those in the surrounding Odenwald and Kraichgau, to those into the nightlife in the old town of Heidelberg, are all possible. The forest is at the doorstep, the Neckar trail leads over the Dilsberg from Heidelberg to Bad Wimpfen. Hiking trails lead to the castles past Neckarsteinach (Odenwald Nature Park), to Neckargemünds Old Town, to Heidelberg Castle and the Königstuhl. The excellent S-Bahn/bus-connection (bus stop right outside the fortress) offers trips to Heidelberg, Mannheim, and the farther Neckar valley. The diverse leisure activities in Neckargemuend with natural swimming pool, climbing, bike-/e-bike - and canoe rentals, tennis courts, mini golf, beach volleyball and horse riding stables invites you to stay in place. Exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances are held year-round, both in Neckargemuend, as well as on the Dilsberg. In summer you can visit the performances in the open-air stage in front of the castle Dilsberg or a workshop in the commandant’s house, where many musical events take place. A special experience are the night watchman tours through the fortress Dilsberg, through the old streets, the castle and the castle tunnel, which is 80 m below ground. According to ancient legend, there is a tunnel from there to the other side of the Neckar. Sometimes you may also meet the old castle ghost, let yourself be surprised. If you are interested in caves, visit the Eberstadt stalactite cave near Buchen. The one to two million years old and 600 m long cave is part of the Geo-Nature Park Bergstrasse-Odenwald. In it, there is rich stalactite decoration, from slender ones to stocky-conical stalactites, draperies, sinter terraces and crystals. Geo-Mountain Natural Park Bergstrasse-Odenwald includes the following attractions: Grube Messel, Lorsch Abbey, Kühkopf-Knoblochsaue, Stockstadt on the Rhine, Odenwald Limes, the ocean of rocks at Reichenbach, Lauter (Odenwald), Obrunnschlucht gorge between Hochst and Rimhorn, Heidelberg and Heidelberg Castle, Katzenbuckel - with 626 meters above sea levels, the highest point of the Odenwald, Odenwald open-air museum in Wallduern-Gottersdorf. For wellness fans, a new spa world with palm paradise, a huge spa area with various saunas and swimming pool has opened its doors in Sinsheim. Also, the Auto and Technik Museum there is worth a visit.
Answer provided by Christiane von Solodkoff on 05/20/2014
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Of course, above all, the castle fortress Dilsberg (http://www.burg-dilsberg.de/), which has a truly special location. There is also a special feature, the night watchman-tours (http://www.dilsberger-nachtwaechter.de/), but as far as I know, they are only offered once a year. But there are many other tours up there. In addition, one has a commanding view of both sides of the Neckar valley from the fort, as the Neckar goes into a wide curve just here (it still runs in its natural course here), so one looks left towards Heidelberg and right towards Mittelburg above Neckarsteinach. This is where you find the German Castle Road, which continues on to Hornberg, Gutenberg and many other castles. From Dilsberg go on hikes or bike tours (along the Neckar valley) or just walk down to Neckargemuend and board one of the ships which regularly go from Heidelberg to Neckarsteinach and back. Here you have the possibility to get off at various points along the Neckar valley. For more info, see: http://www.weisse-flotte-heidelberg.de/ A beautifully situated restaurant is right below the fortress Dilsberg, directly on the Neckar: Die Rainbach: http://www.die-rainbach.de/unsere-rainbach / Rainbach also includes the Art Hotel Neckargemuend (link on the website of Rainbach). On top of the Dilsberg there is a chocolate shop, which is very highly recommended (http://www.das-beste-zum-schluss.com/ ) and even offers 2 vacation apartments. That’s my special tip for you. With best regards from Heidelberg, Beate Berger
Answer provided by Beate Berger on 05/19/2014
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Dilsberg Overview

Dilsberg is a district of the city Neckargemünd (Neckargemünd vacation rentals | Neckargemünd travel guide) in-Württemberg, Rhein-Neckar district and is situated in Neckar-Odenwald Nature Park. The mountain fortress of Dilsberg is located on the top of a mountain. The historic center of Dilsberg is visible above the Neckar on a mountain ridge in a loop. The town has 2,126 inhabitants (as of 30 June 2004). Besides the main town there is a built-up areas of the centers of Neuhof, Dilsbergerhof and Rainbach.

One of our Live Like a German apartment that we recommend is particular interesting: You inhabit a beautiful historical timbered holiday house dating of the 17th Century. The house is in the midst of the fortress Dilsberg, from where you have an excellent view over the Neckar Valley. Having all comfort and being furnished in an antique fashion, your holidays will become an unforgettable event. Venture trips to Heidelberg, with its palace and the picturesque old town, to the palace of Schwetzingen (Schwetzingen vacation rentals | Schwetzingen travel guide), to Neckarsteinach (Neckarsteinach vacation rentals | Neckarsteinach travel guide), or you can drive in the wonderful lower Odenwald to Eberbach, Michelstadt (Michelstadt vacation rentals | Michelstadt travel guide), Amorbach (Amorbach vacation rentals | Amorbach travel guide) and Miltenberg (Miltenberg vacation rentals | Miltenberg travel guide).

The town itself dates back to early Roman settlements in 100 AD. Around 1,000 AD, the region around Heidelberg (Heidelberg vacation rentals | Heidelberg travel guide) has become popular amongst royalty and the church. Dilsberg Castle was erected in 1150 and several royal families lived in the castle for the next few hundred years. In 1803, the region lost its importance as a result of the Napoleon’s battles and shifts in government. Shortly after, the castle was turned into a prison and in 1822 construction material of the castle was torn down and reused to erect new buildings. Partial restoration started back in 1895.

Some of the other features of the town of Dilsberg include its two beautiful little churches, one Catholic, one Protestant. Despite its size, there are a couple of small fields where concerts are held on the Castle grounds, and annually the Dilsberg festival features a lot of medieval activities. The surrounding area invites to extended walks, hiking and biking tours. (Source: Veste Dilsberg)

What to see

Dilsberg CastleBerfeste Dilsberg is a castle on a mountain over the Neckar River in Neckargemünd, Germany. The castle was built by the counts of Lauffen in the 12th century. In the 13th century it became the main castle for the counts. In the 14th century it became part of the Electoral Palatinate and received Stadtrecht in 1347. During the Thirty Years War, the castle was considered impregnable until imperial forces under Tilly took the castle in 1622 after a long siege. In 1799, French forces tried and failed to storm the castle. A 46-meter deep well helped keep the defenders supplied during this assault. In the 19th century the castle fell to ruin. The castle was used more as a quarry. Today the castle and its town is a tourist attraction and is administered by the Staatlichen Schössern und Gärten Baden-Württemberg, attracting thousands of visitors. For more info visit:.www.burgdilsberg.de (Source: Wikipedia)

Apart from the Heidelberg Castle, the second most impressive sight on the Neckar River is that of the small town of Dilsberg. As you follow the Neckar upstream, this town will appear like a fortress on top of a tall hill, only partly occluded by a Gate to Dilsberg Castle and a few trees. Dilsberg is a classic example of a dual-town - the touristic part of town that it physically separate and draws hordes of people, and the really sleepy peaceful town that everybody ignores but whose residents seem very content. The Castle was rebuilt into a tourist haven and culture center after a significant restoration effort returned it to its former glory. Most of the wall and several of the towers inside were completely renovated. Only a few cafés and guesthouses are inside the city wall, most of the Festung was residential. Visitors can enter the Castle Ruins (Burgruine), climb its towers, and walk the guard wall to catch beautiful glimpses of the Neckar Valley. (Source: Tompgalvin)

Things to See in Dilsberg

Bergfeste Dilsberg, the castle stronghold of the city

Catholic Church of St. Bartholemew

Evangelical Church

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More about the History of Dilsberg

Dilsberg has survived many a war due to its stronghold in the middle of the city. The fortress was originally used as a state prison, as well as a detention room for students of the University of Heidelberg (Heidelberg vacation rentals | Heidelberg travel guide), but in 1826 it became released for use until the partial demolition and restoration in 1895 as a quarry. In 1973, the city was incorporated into Neckargemünd (Neckargemünd vacation rentals | Neckargemünd travel guide).

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Dilsberg is a district of the city Neckargemünd in-Württemberg, Rhein-Neckar district and is situated in Neckar-Odenwald Nature Park. The mountain fortress of Dilsberg is located on the top of a mountain.

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