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Ebermannstadt Overview

Ebermannstadt includes Breitenbach, Ebermannstadt, Gasseldorf, Niedermirsberg, Rüssenbach, Neuses-Poxstall, Wohlmuthshüll, Buckenreuth, Moggast, Wolkenstein, Thosmühle, Burggaillenreuth, Windischgaillenreuth, Eschlipp, Kanndorf.

Things to See in Ebermannstadt

Ebermannstadt is a state-approved resort town with an open-air swimming pool, campground in the district of Rothenbühl, golf course in the district of Kanndorf and a sport airfield on top of the Feuerstein.

Every weekend, a steam railroad runs from Ebermannstadt along the Wiesent to Behringersmühle.

During clear nights, there are guided tours at the Observatory Feuerstein. Thanks to the excellent conditions, it is possible to get a very good view of the universe.

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More about the History of Ebermannstadt

The place on which Ebermannstadt is located today was already named imperial "villa Ebermarstad" in 981. At one point later it became the possession of the Schlüsselberger family. In 1430, the Hussites destroyed the place. Again, Ebermannstadt faced destructions during the Second Margrave War in 1552, the Thirty Years' War and finally in 1796 when the French army passed through the town. Albrecht Dürer stayed in Ebermannstadt in 1515 and painted an oil-painting of the town.

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Ebermannstadt is a town in the district of Forchheim, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated 10 km northeast of Forchheim and 25 km southeast of Bamberg.

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