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"I'm wondering when the Christmas Market at the Wartburg Castle takes place in December 2014. Is it only on weekends? What are the dates and times? Thank you!" (posted 08/22/2014)

Dear guest! The Christmas market at the Wartburg takes place only on weekends. At the same time, however, is in the city center on the historic square, a Christmas market, which is open daily. In addition, the Christmas market at the cathedral in Erfurt (60 km from Eisenach away and easily reached by the German Federal Railways) highly recommended! Greetings from Eisenach family Ender HOLIDAY Lutherstube, Tannhäuser and Bach "
Answer provided by Jeanette Ender on 08/25/2014
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The Christmas Market at the castle is only on the Advent weekends before Christmas, from 10am until 6pm. The one in the town is open every day from 9am until 7pm, sometimes longer.
Answer provided by Malcolm Crowson on 08/23/2014
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Yes, the medieval Christmas market is, as far as I know, on the weekends and the third. 4th Advent. Find out more on the portal www.eisenach-tourist.de
Answer provided by Ute Linß on 08/24/2014
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Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

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"We two (44 + 45) want to Eisenach with overnight Meet a bit. A tip for a nice day (market / Park) an exceptional restaurant and some of the night life (rather than culture or the cocktail bar Disco!) Were super. thank you" (posted 05/11/2016)

Good day The restaurant "Turmschenke" Karlspl. 28 in the Nikolai goal is highly recommended, and then cocktails at the "Baron" Karlspl. 13 almost opposite to the Karlsplatz my suggestion would
Answer provided by Malcolm Crowson on 05/13/2016
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Eisenach

  • Thuringian Forest Nature Park
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Thuringian Forest Nature Park

    The Thuringian Forest Nature Park (German: Naturpark Thüringer Wald) is one of the two nature parks in Thuringia, Germany.

    The 1990 founded park has a size of 2,082 km2 (804 sq mi). It extends around the Rennsteig and comprises almost the entire Thuringian Forest and the Thuringian Highlands with Eisenach in northwest and Sonneberg in the south. It includes further the 170 km2 (66 sq mi) biosphere reservation Vessethal-Thuringian Forest, and a number of dams like Talsperre Tambach-Dietharz, Talsperre Schmalwasser, Ohra-Talsperre, Talsperre Lütsche and the Leibis-Lichte Dam.

    The highest mountains in the park are the Grosser Beerberg (982 m above sea level) and the Schneekopf (978 m above sea level).

  • Wartburg Castle UNESCO World Heritage Site
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Wartburg Castle UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Wartburg Castle blends superbly into its forest surroundings and is in many ways the ideal castle. Although it has retained some original sections from the feudal period, the form it acquired during the 19th-century reconstitution gives a good idea of what this fortress might have been at the height of its military and seigneurial power. It was during his exile at Wartburg Castle that Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German.

    Hours: April - October: Guided Tours: 8:30am to 5pm; the castle gate closes at 8pm. November - March: Guided Tours: 9am to 3:30pm; the castle gate closes at 5 pm.

    Admission: Adults 8 €, Students 5 €, Family card 21 €, Children under 6 free. The castle gate closes at 8 pm.

  • Hainich
    [ source: Wikipedia ]


    Hainich is a forested hill chain in the state of Thüringen in Germany, between the towns of Eisenach, Mühlhausen and Bad Langensalza. Hainich covers an area of around 160 km², of which, since 1998, half has been designated as Hainich National Park. The highest point in Hainich is Alte Berg at 494 m.

    Hainich contains the largest area of deciduous trees in Germany. The main trees are beech, mixed with ash, maple, tilia cordata, and one hornbeam «Elsbeere» (Sorbus torminalis).

  • Wartburg
    [ source: Wikipedia ]


    The Wartburg is a castle situated on a 1230-foot (410-m) precipice to the southwest of, and overlooking the town of Eisenach, in the state of Thuringia, Germany. In 1999 UNESCO added Wartburg Castle to the World Heritage List as an "Outstanding Monument of the Feudal Period in Central Europe", citing its "Cultural Values of Universal Significance".


    For centuries, the Wartburg has been a place of pilgrimage for many people from within and outside Germany, for its significance in German history and in the development of Christianity. Several places (especially US towns founded by Lutherans) and a local brand of automobile have been named after the Wartburg. Wartburg College in Iowa, USA, is named in commemoration of Martin Luther's receiving refuge at the castle and because of the college's forest location and its Thuringian heritage.

    Also noteworthy is The Wartburg Adult Care Community in Mount Vernon, New York, that serves the elderly. Its founder, William Passavant, commented that its original site was akin to the site of The Wartburg where Luther translated the New Testament.

  • Hainich National Park
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Hainich National Park

    Hainich National Park (German: Nationalpark Hainich), founded on December 31, 1997, is the 13th national park in Germany and the only one in Thuringia. One of the main objectives of the park is the protection of native beech forest. In 2011, the park was added to the Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and the Ancient Beech Forests of Germany World Heritage Site.

    Flora and Fauna

    The Hainich Forest features a wide range of beech forest communities, with populations of ash trees, hornbeams, maples, lindens, and occasional checker trees. Many fungi can be found there, along with stands of flowers such as summer snowflakes and anemones. Animals in the park include wildcats, 15 species of bats, 7 species of woodpeckers, and over 500 types of wood beetles.

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Eisenach Overview

Eisenach is a city in Thuringia, Germany. It is situated between the northern foothills of the Thuringian Forest and the Hainich National Park. Population was 43,626 in 2006.

Automobile manufacturing is an important part of Eisenach economy. Opel, as part of the overseas operations of General Motors Corporation, built an entirely new plant in the northwest of the town, after the Wartburg cars plant had ceased operations in 1989. The plant opened in 1992 and was toured by President Clinton, accompanied by Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl in May 1998 as a token of American support in the redevelopment of the Eastern part of Germany.

Things to See in Eisenach



Kreuznacher House and ducal residence

Luther House

Bach House and monument

Goldener Löwe memorial site

Reuter-Wagner Museum

Kartaus Garden and Wandelhalle

Luther Monument

Nikolaikirche (Nikolai Church)

Georgenkirche (Church of St George)

Eisenach Theatre

Monument to the Student Fraternities (Burschenschaftsdenkmal)

Hauptbahnhof (Main Station)

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More about the History of Eisenach

The history of Eisenach is linked with the Wartburg Castle, which was built according to legend in 1067. There were at least three settlements below the castle, that merged to a common city in the second half of the 12th century. This town, Eisenach, was first mentioned in 1180. Several now legendary events took place on the Wartburg in the following decades, best known is the "Singers' Contest on the Wartburg" (Sängerkrieg, which is part of the Tannhäuser legend).

After the Thuringian War of Succession (1247-1264) Eisenach became subject to the Wettin dynasty of Meißen. Later several mini states were established in what is now Thuringia, and Eisenach became a principality on its own in 1521. In 1809 Eisenach became part of the duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. Eisenach was the place where Martin Luther lived as a child, although he was not born there, and later for his receiving protection by Frederick the Wise after having been pursued for his religious views. It was while he was staying at Wartburg Castle that he translated the New Testament into German. The town is famous as the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach as well.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Located in the state of Thuringia, Eisenach is situated between the northern foothills of the Thuringian Forest and the Hainich National Park. As of 2006, the city's population was about 44,000. Automobile manufacturing is an important part of Eisenach economy. Opel, as part of the overseas operations of General Motors Corporation, built an entirely new plant in the northwest of the town, after the Wartburg auto plant had ceased operations in 1989. Culturally speaking, Eisenach is quite important as the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach and as the city closest to the Wartburg Castle, where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German while in hiding.

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