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Popular Points of Interest in and near Elmstein

  • Elmstein Castle
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    Elmstein Castle

    Elmstein Castle is a castle ruin built in the High Middle Ages overlooking Elmstein in the Palatinate Forest in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It was built in the 12th century.

    The ruins are located on a 290 m high mountain on the northern side of the Speyer Brook Valley (German: Speyerbachtal) in the Palatinate Forest (German: Pfälzerwald).

    In the 12th and 13th centuries, the Elmstein Casstle was built as a Palatine castle in order to secure the route through the valley. The feoffees held the title of the Schenk, a title of German aristocracy which translates roughly to servant. The castle occupied by the Electorate of the Palatinate. Between 1220 and 1230, the lower wall was built. Kaiser Louis IV of Bavaria ceded the castle to his cousin, the Count Palatine. From 1419 to 1437, the castle was occupied by Count Johann V. of Sponheim. In 1466, the castle was mortgaged by Friedrich I the Elector, to Erhard of Remchingen. In 1513, because of the change the ownership situation, Heinrich of Pagk received the castle as a Fiefdom. During the Farmers War (1525) the castle was damaged. Count Palatine Johann Casimir inherited the castle in 1576. The castle was also damaged during the Thirty Years' War (1648). In 1689 the castle came into its permanent state of disrepair during the War of Succession in Rhineland-Palatinate. Afterwards, the castle came into private ownership.

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Elmstein Overview

Elmstein is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Bad Dürkheim (Bad Dürkheim vacation rentals | Bad Dürkheim travel guide) district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Elmstein lies in the Palatinate Forest. The municipality belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Lambrecht, whose seat is in the like-named town. Elmstein’s Ortsteile are, besides the namesake one, Appenthal, Erlenbach, Harzofen, Helmbach, Iggelbach, Mückenwiese, Röderthal, Schafhof, Schwabenbach, Schwarzbach, Stilles Tal, Speyerbrunn and Wolfsgrube.

Things to See in Elmstein

Waldarbeitsmuseum Elmstein (Collection about the history of logging)


  • Wappenschmiede Elmstein (historic, water-powered smithy)
  • Water-powered sawmill in the Elmsteiner valley
  • Geisskopf estate ruins near the Geisswiese (meadow, near Helmbach)
  • Electoral Palatinate hunting lodge (Elmstein’s oldest house) with:
  • Wine cellar building from 1754 (the Verbandsgemeinde’s oldest such building)
  • Katholische Kirche Herz Mariä (“Catholic Church of Mary’s Heart”) in Elmstein (architect Albert Boßlet, built 1950-52)
  • Katholische Kirche Mariä Heimsuchung (“Catholic Church of the Visitation, built 1765) with historical Schlimbach organ (1887)
  • Elmstein Protestant Church
  • Elmstein Castle ruins
  • Appenthal churchtower ruins, once part of the Pilgrimage Church of Mary, built in 1488.
  • Katholische Kirche St. Wendelinus und St. Hubertus (“Saint Wendelin’s and Saint Hubertus’s Catholic Church”) in Speyerbrunn, built in 1931/1932
  • Historical timber rafting sites near Erlenbach and in the Legelbach valley between Mückenwiese and Elmstein
  • Belltower in Iggelbach, built in 1889
  • Belltower in Appenthal with historical set of bells

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More about the History of Elmstein

Elmstein arose from the Castle Elmstein, which itself was built in the 12th century by the Counts Palatine of the Rhine. The outlying centres arose later, mostly as extension settlements for lumberjacks, as a location of a sawmill or, like Röderthal, as a mining settlement. On 1 January 1976, a centre with 207 inhabitants was transferred from the municipality of Wilgartswiesen (Wilgartswiesen vacation rentals | Wilgartswiesen travel guide) to Elmstein.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Elmstein is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Bad Dürkheim district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

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