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  • Ehreshoven Castle
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    Ehreshoven Castle

    Ehreshoven Castle (German: Schloss Ehreshoven) is a moated castle in Engelskirchen, Oberbergischer Kreis, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It rose to fame as the residence "Schloss Königsbrunn" of Count Johannes von Lahnstein, one of the richest men in Germany, and his family in the German television series Verbotene Liebe.

    Because castle Ehreshoven is inhabited and is not accessible the public, should be entered here only on few important rooms briefly. Behind the main main entrance are a Vestibül which takes the whole depth of the house and has a width of three window axes. Indeed, the entrance lies here not in the middle, but was moved to the side. The floor is booked checkered with in colour alternate stone records. The doors have put a tread framings of black marble. The base zone exists of a tile disguising. The stairwell unreasonably small in contrast to the Vestibül has a timeless simple balustrade railing of coloured stucco marble. The dining room stumbling to the north against the anteroom is dressed up with a noteworthy leather wallpaper. She comes from the construction time of the castle and was possibly created in a Flemish workshop. As a motive a big tendril with different blossoms and fruits returns in what alternately a Putto with trumpet in the left and laurel wreath in the right hand, a Putto hitting the Tambourin or a pigeon with an oil branch are to be recognised in the beak. On the narrower base frieze one recognises between flowers bird's heads. The reason of the Carrets is silvered; from this the red coloured fruits, flowers and garments as well as the green sheet work strongly contrast.

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Engelskirchen Overview

The neighbouring municipalities are (clockwise from the west) Overath, Lindlar, Gummersbach, Wiehl and Much.

Things to See in Engelskirchen

Baumwollspinnerei Ermen & Engels, one of six locations of the Rheinisches Industriemuseum

Oelchenshammer, a museum forge

Ehreshoven Castle

Water castle Alsbach

The warrior's monument with thing site

The Lohmühle and three other mills in the Lambachtal

Aggertal cave in Ründeroth

The origin of the parish church with the name Saints Peter and Paul in Engelskirchen lies in the 13th century. The massive west tower dates back to this time. It became an independent parish following its separation from Saint Severinus parish in Lindlar in 1554. The number of parishioners outgrew the capacity of the church in the 19th century. Then a new three-aisle long house on round pillars with transepts and separate main choir was established. From 1943 to 1945 homeless inhabitants of Cologne and foreign civilian prisoners were housed here. Nonetheless, an air raid on the last day of the war resulted in two bombs destroying part of the church. The bombs hit the aisle and tower, and the vault collapsed. Three years later, a minimal renovation was done. In the 1970s, there was a more thorough renovation. Later a new sacristy was built.

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More about the History of Engelskirchen

Engelskirchen is an old Bergisches Land settlement mentioned for the first time in 1353 as Engellerskerken. On 1 January 1975, the independent municipalities of Engelskirchen and Ründeroth,formally known as 'Runde Rode' were combined to form the modern-day Engelskirchen.

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Engelskirchen is a municipality in Oberbergischer Kreis, Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia, about 40 kilometers east of Cologne.

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