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Ernst Overview

The municipality lies in a bow in the river Moselle only 4 km from Cochem (Cochem vacation rentals | Cochem travel guide), going towards Trier (Trier vacation rentals | Trier travel guide). Over on the other side of the Moselle lies Valwig. Ernst’s municipal area comprises 418 ha, of which 90 ha is vineyards and 227 ha is wooded. Ernst has 617 inhabitants who maintain their main residence in the municipality and another 40 who have a secondary residence there.

Things to See in Ernst

Holy Saviour’s Catholic Church (Katholische Kirche St. Salvator), Moselstraße 48 – cross-in-square church with twin-tower façade, 1844-1848, architect Johann Claudius von Lassaulx; outside, five gravestones, 19th century; whole complex with graveyard

Auf der Winneburg 29/31 – double house; timber-frame house, partly solid, dendrochronologically dated to 1503/1504; timber-frame house, partly solid, from 1578

Before Fährstraße 2 – timber-frame house, partly solid, essentially from the 16th or 17th century, expanded in the 18th century, in two parts, back part with high ground floor, far-jutting upper floor, curved braces; front part likewise timber-frame upper floor with yoke braces, half-hipped roof; whole complex with garden with pavilion

Klosterstraße 5 – Baroque Revival winemaker’s house, about 1900/1910

The St. Salvator parish church with its twin towers, built in 1845 in Romanesque Revival style with Rhenish slate, is Ernst’s foremost landmark.

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More about the History of Ernst

A grain grater from La Tène times may well be evidence that Ernst was already settled by 250 BC, and that it is therefore of Celtic origin. Even the earliest documentary mention of Ernst as Arnesche shows the village’s Celtic beginnings. In AD 670, “Hilduin” bequeathed vineyards in Ernst to his brother-in-law. Ernst was made up of two constituent centres then, Oberernst and Niederernst, but was always a unified municipality. In the Middle Ages, lower court jurisdiction was exercised through the Valwig-Ernst court. When Ernst passed along with the Rhineland to Prussia, the Prussian government decreed that Oberernst, where the parish church and the old town hall stood, and Niederernst were to grow together into one centre, a project that, as can be seen today, was at least successful on the road alongside the Moselle, if nowhere else.

The municipality as it stands today takes its shape mainly from the building of the church and the laying out of the Moselstraße – the road alongside the Moselle – in the mid 19th century. Ernst has been a winegrowing centre for 2,000 years, with 14 fulltime winemakers still at the trade today and another 10 who undertake it as a secondary occupation.

The landholder until the French Revolutionary occupation in 1794 was the Electorate of Trier (Trier vacation rentals | Trier travel guide). In 1815 both centres were assigned to the Kingdom of Prussia at the Congress of Vienna. Not long thereafter, they were merged to form one municipality. Since 1946, it has been part of the then newly founded state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Ernst is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Cochem-Zell district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The winegrowing centre belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Cochem, whose seat is in the like-named town.

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