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Finnentrop Overview

The municipal arms bear a rose under a wavy chevron. The rose stands for the Lords of Finnentrop (von Vinnentrop) and comes down from the year 1358. The chevron stands for the two rivers, the Bigge and the Lenne, which merge in the community. The colour green refers to the great swathes of greenery in the municipal area.

Things to See in Finnentrop

Schützenhof Lichtspiele – 1954-vintage cinema thoroughly renovated in 2006 with 170 seats

Kulturgemeinde Finnentrop

Catholic parish church "St. Johannes-Nepomuk"

Evangelical parish church

Festhalle Finnentrop (festival hall)

Schloss Ahausen bei Heggen (castle)

Haus Bamenohl in Bamenohl

Bürgerfrühschoppen der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Finnentrop

Shooting festivals in Finnentrop and the bigger outlying centres

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More about the History of Finnentrop

The community of Finnentrop came into being on 1 July 1969 when it was cobbled together from parts of the old Amt of Serkenrode (Meschede district), the communities of Schliprüthen and Oedingen and parts of Attendorn-Land and Helden. This restructuring also saw the community pass from Meschede district (which was abolished in 1974) to Olpe district.

Until 13 July 1908, the place now known as Finnentrop had three names: Habbecke, Neubrücke (“Newbridge”) and, once the Ruhr-Sieg Railway was built there came Bahnhof Finnentrop (“Finnentrop Railway Station”). Neubrücke consisted of only one building at the forks of the Bigge and Lenne (Reuters Haus, first mentioned in 1847). The “new bridge” seems to have already been built by 1847, as the “Reuter” had to charge tolls. The other centre lying farther north, Habbecke, originally also consisting of only a few farms, may have arisen in the Middle Ages.

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Finnentrop is a community in Olpe district in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Finnentrop lies near the forks of the rivers Bigge and Lenne in the Sauerland.

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