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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

"Hi i am planning to travel to Gengebach around 10 September i have some question that may be really helpful 1- what is the condition of climate , should i bring a jacket? 2- I would love to rent a room in a farmhouse, but my concern is how to move around to visit the town at night, is their available transportation in such villages area, or it is better to rent a hotel in the town? actually i am very interested to get the full taste of the black forest in details 3- what is the distance to the Europe Park, is there a bus or train to get there? thanks a lot for who ever will help me !! Haya" (posted 08/11/2014)

Hi Haya, in September, it is often still quite warm, but are also already cooler days and especially at night it can be cool. Sure, you can rent an apartment further out and take a taxi back at night. It is simply a question of cost. Gengenbach at night also is not so exciting ........... It is approximately 45 km to the Europa Park, and it is easily accessible by public transport. In terms of food, the Black Forest is, of course, an experience, and you will find many bars, restaurants, markets, and farm shops.
Answer provided by August Schnaiter on 08/12/2014
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Dear Haya, Let me answer your questions .... I am the owner of apartment # 5263 in 77933 Lahr - Sulz in the Black Forest .... our apartment is directly on the hill with view over the village and is close to a bigger city ​​which means you can take a bus to the next smaller old traditional Black Forest city of Lahr - only 4 km. You could also walk there. The full taste of the Black Forest you could get with us too ... our garden has a direct access to the Black Forest, just walk on, we are on the last lane of houses before the forest ... We offer a pick up service ..... Our apartment in Lahr-Sulz is 22 km away from Gengenbach, and we are only 18 km away from the Europa Park ... Your questions : first the climate is quite summer and it's usually still hot, around 28 degrees, but sometimes if we have some rain, it can cool down to about 16 degrees, so bring a light jacket too .. 2 from the farm houses / villages, there are no transportation possibilities by bus, especially not at evening / night, in the day yes, maybe one bus every 2 hours .... 3 distance to the Europe park is 40 km, there are buses, but it is difficult by bus , since you have to change the bus a few times .... Bye, Andy
Answer provided by Andreas Metzger on 08/12/2014
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"Hello! I will be staying in Gengenbach for 3 days in April, and I am planning to visit Europa Park for a whole day. I was wondering if it is easy to get to Europa Park from Gengenbach and how can I do it ? in addition, I wolud like to know how long time it will take. thank you!!" (posted 03/28/2017)

hello It is take about an hour by car How's the train I can not say Yours sincerely Elmar Männle unfortunately
Answer provided by Elmar Männle on 03/31/2017
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Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"Hello! My family and I are planning for a day trip to Gengenbach (coming from Strasbourg and heading to Triberg in the evening) and I can't seem to find many things to do for the day. 2 things that I've picked up is visiting old town/Engelgasse and taking the small hike through local vineyards up to Jakobskapelle. Can you recommend any other activities to do here? Unfortunately we can only speak English and not German! Many thanks!" (posted 07/04/2014)

The Robber Hotzenplotz Path in Gengenbach, art exhibition in the Loewenkeller, Carnival Museum Niggelturm, Wolfach glass cottage, Vogt farms, summer toboggan run
Answer provided by August Schnaiter on 07/06/2014
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Dear visitor, Let me help you .... Gengenbach ... Has a open air city park for families, follow the signs "City Park", with flowers, animal enclosures, playground, walking barefeet parcours, and relaxing areas. -There's a view point, follow the signs "observation tower" in the city ...-in Gengenbach there are 4 different museum New: You Could book a segway tour through Gengenbach indoor climbing hall in gengenbach-outdoor climbing park around Gengenbach, in the neighbor villages of Biberach and Nordrach --------- Tourism Information center Gengenbach, just call for more ideas ... Tourist Information Office Im Winzerhof, 77723 Gengenbach 07803-930143 ------------- ----- Enjoy your stay Greetings Andy
Answer provided by Andreas Metzger on 07/05/2014
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"Is gengenbach nice place for students to live and study and find a job" (posted 07/06/2017)

Hello Yes Gengenbach is a beautiful city Also the surrounding area is very nice Kind regards Elmar Maennle
Answer provided by Elmar Männle on 07/06/2017
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...