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"I would like to know if there is any international primary school in Germering or a city close by, and what are the living expenses for a family with a kid in Germering?" (posted 07/04/2014)

There is only the International School in Haimhausen. Web: www.bis-school.com The cost of living for a family is the same everywhere, only the rents are very different. The closer to Munich, the more expensive ... http://lebenshaltungskosten.info/
Answer provided by Alfred Pöllner on 07/04/2014
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Please check the link: www.muenchen.de/rathaus/dms/.../InternationaleSchulen2013.pdf You want to find an overview regarding nearby international schools .... Living expenses will vary. Germering will be cheaper in comparison to Munich downtown. Best regards, Karsten
Answer provided by Alexandra Dittrich on 07/05/2014
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Germering Overview

It is situated approx. 15 km west of Munich (Munich vacation rentals | Munich travel guide). The popular German band Sportfreunde Stiller is from here.

Things to See in Germering


  • Volksfest (jährlich)
  • Christkindlmarkt vor der Stadthalle (jährlich)
  • Vorsilvesterparty des Burschenvereins aus Unterpfaffenhofen (jährlich vor der Stadthalle)
  • Seefest am Germeringer See des Burschenvereins aus Unterpfaffenhofen (jährlich)
  • Buntes Faschingstreiben vor der Stadthalle (jährlich am Faschingsdienstag) veranstaltet von der Showtanzgruppe "Fun Unlimited e.V.".
  • Großes Internationales Fußballturnier für E- (U11-) und D- (U13-) Junioren mit Nachwuchsteams vieler Bundesligamannschaften. Organisiert vom SV Germering (jährlich zur Faschingszeit)
  • Dorffest der Burschenschaft Germering (jährlich)


  • Friedhof St. Martin
  • Ortsausgang Richtung Alling
  • Sudetenstraße

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More about the History of Germering

During World War II, a subcamp of the Dachau concentration camp was located in the town. The city coat of arms was created by Karl Haas in 1981. He put it together by the city coats of arms of the boroughs of the city, Germering and Unterpfaffenhofen. Germering was for sure first mentioned about 859-864 A.D. Back then it was still known as Kermeringon. But it is said that it was already mentioned before under the name Germana.vel.admonte. Unterpfaffenhofen, the south-west part of Germering, was first named in a charter in 1190.

But Germering has a far older history. There were findings of burial mounds of the New Stone Age and the Bronze Age, as well as the Villa rustica built by the Romans. There was a trade route through the city on which were numerous brick kilns. After they were found they put a glass roof over one of them so one can still have a look at it.

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Germering is a town in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck, in Bavaria, Germany.

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