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Gernrode Overview

Gernrode lies 215 m above sea level, at the foot of the Stubenberg mountains. It is the starting point of the Selketalbahn, a narrow-gauge railway which is interesting both technically and for tourists. The line was built in 1887 and after initially climbing through the mountains, follows the Selke river valley and the line of the Trasse de Harz. The line passes through the communities of Mädgesprung (where the line joins the river Selke) and Alexisbad and beyond to Stiege. The total length from Gernrode to Stiege is 35 km. There are branch lines to Harzgerode (Harzgerode vacation rentals | Harzgerode travel guide) (from Alexisbad) and Hasselfelde (Hasselfelde vacation rentals | Hasselfelde travel guide) (from Stiege, where there is also a link to the narrow gauge Harzquerbahn). It is the oldest narrow-gauge railway in the Harz mountains and is served by a combination of old and more modern diesel locomotives. It is not just a tourist line, as freight is also transported. This line was extended to Quedlinburg (Quedlinburg vacation rentals | Quedlinburg travel guide) in 2006, by rebuilding the standard gauge railway previously operated by the Deutsche Bahn.

Things to See in Gernrode

Church of St. Cyriacus,

Giant cuckoo clock (whose cuckoo appears every fifteen minutes), which was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1998. This is part of a clock factory, which also incorporates a giant weather house indicating current weather conditions.

7.45 m giant wood thermometer, and the largest Skat table in the world.

Alte Elementarschule



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More about the History of Gernrode

Gernrode received brewing rights in 1545. Beer brewing has since stopped, but a distillery is still present in the city. The city was traditionally part of the duchy of Anhalt and a district of Ballenstedt (Ballenstedt vacation rentals | Ballenstedt travel guide). From 1037 to 1740 lead and silver were mined here. Matches and guns were also made in Gernrode.

The Protestant Reformation came to Anhalt and Gernrode in 1521. A Protestant elementary school was founded in 1533. The building was used as a school until 1847, and may be the oldest such school in Germany. Parts of Gernrode were burnt in the Thirty Years' War (twice, in 1631 and 1635). It had 2,533 Protestant inhabitants in 1885.

In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, Gernrode was taken by American troops without a battle, followed by occupation by Soviet troops. Gernrode celebrated its 1,000th year in 1961 and 450th year as a city in 1989. It was part of East Germany from 1949 until German Reunification in 1990. In 2001, celebrations to honour Otto I were held.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Gernrode is a town in Germany, in the district of Harz, Saxony-Anhalt. The town was first mentioned in 961 and became a city in 1539. Gernrode is 9 km south of Quedlinburg in the Harz mountains and has state recognition as a spa town, where one may take the cure and recuperate in general. It is perhaps best known today for the Ottonian / Romanesque church of St. Cyriacus, and as the start of the Selketalbahn narrow gauge railway.

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