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Gernsbach Overview

Gernsbach is located in the northern part of the Black Forest on both banks of the river Murg at 150 to 988 meters above the sea level. In the west the 668 m high mountain Merkur provides a distinctive landscape. In the east there is the 908 m high mountain Teufelsmühle.

The local subdistrict area of Gernsbach including all quarters is 8208,86 hectares of which most is covered by forest areas – 6628,00 hectares (81% of the total area). That is more than twice as much as the average ratio in Baden-Württemberg. Settlement and traffic areas make up 6% - less than half of the average. 12% of the area used for agriculture.

Things to See in Gernsbach



Altes Rathaus


Der Storchenturm


Schloss Eberstein

Katz'sche Garten


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More about the History of Gernsbach

A permanent settlement of Gernsbach before the 12th century is not verified. At the beginning of the 12th century the Counts of Eberstein bought the “predium” Rotenfels thus allowing the initial settlement of the lower Murg vally. From Rotenfels the counts of Eberstein ordered to uproot the wooded and swampy valley and to found new settlements. By 1200 the route Loffenau–Scheuern–Gernsbach–Staufenberg was established. In an ebersteinian inheritance document Gernsbach is first mentioned in written form in 1219 as ‘’Genrespach’’. At that time there was already a differentiation between a Marktdorf (a settlement which had the right to run a market) and a Kirchdorf (a settlement which had the right to build a church). Gernsbach (also called “Hof” –‘’a little settlement of farmers’’) was a Kirchdorf at that time, being located to the left of the Murg in the south of the Waldbach on the ebersteinian allodium. The local church was the preceding building of today’s St.-Jakobskirche. To the north of the Waldbach was a Marktdorf on the grounds of the Diocese of Speyer (Speyer vacation rentals | Speyer travel guide) located on a spur, thus having an ideal location for the construction of a fortification.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Gernsbach is a town in the district of Rastatt, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is located on the river Murg, 7 km east of Baden-Baden in the Black Forest. The twin town is Baccarat in France. The town is the historic center of the lower Murg Valley and forms a central place of mid-size with Gaggenau. It is located in the ‘’Region Mittlerer Oberrhein’’, one of the twelve spatial planning regions of Baden-Württemberg. Gernsbach is an officially recognized climatic spa with a historic center. Furthermore, Gernsbach is noted for its paper industry and Paper Center, a service provider in the field of training, staff qualification and management consultancy for the German and Swiss paper and pulp industry.

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