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Gerstungen Overview

Gerstungen is a small town in Thuringia, known as “the green heart of Germany.” Visit Wartburg castle in nearby Eisenach (Eisenach vacation rentals | Eisenach travel guide), where Martin Luther translated the Bible from Greek to German in 1522 and where Johann Sebastian Bach was born and baptized in 1685. Only 10 kilometers away you can walk the Treetop Path at the Hainich National Park (wheelchair access is available), part of the largest deciduous forest in all of Germany.

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Things to See in Gerstungen

Castle Gerstung with Werratal Museum and Stork's Nest

Katharinenkirche is the Protestant parish church

Round Church Untersuhl

Katholische Kirche


Marktplatz, with the Stork Fountain

Limpertstein, an ancient monument, according to the legend it was built in honor of a slain servant of near Brandenburg


Kohlbachshäuschen, a historic hunting lodge in the forest Gerst Unger

Böller, through the vast forest area in the east of Sallmannshäuser Rennsteig, it is located on the southern edge of the lonely hamlet of Lutzenberg

Schweddrich, an unusual fishing facility at the mill in the district Sallmannshausenr

More about the History of Gerstungen

A Codex Eberhardi, which from the 12th Century,was first mentioned and referred to as Gerstung in 744. The Frankish King Charles Mann founded the monastery of Fulda (Fulda vacation rentals | Fulda travel guide). After a big fire, the Katharinenkirche was renewed in 1588, rebuilt on its original foundation.

Gerstungen, Thuringia, was one of the former official crossing points between East and West Germany. Between 1945 and 1989, the only visitors who were allowed to this town were those who had been granted official government permits. This effectively cut Gerstungen off from the rest of the country. Today this town of approximately 6,000 residents has increased its ties both east and west. When visiting Gerstungen, take the time to visit the Werratalmuseum with its eclectic collection of geological specimens, prehistoric exhibits, and folklore displays. In addition to this, outdoor recreation opportunities abound. Bike paths will lead you along the scenic course of the Werra River. Also, hiking and climbing paths, some o