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Ginsheim-Gustavsburg Overview

Ginsheim-Gustavsburg lies south of the Main and north of the Rhine in the so-called Mainspitze triangle, a narrow piece of land between the Main and Rhine where the former empties into the latter. Across the Rhine from the community lies Mainz (Mainz vacation rentals | Mainz travel guide). Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden vacation rentals | Wiesbaden travel guide) is also nearby.

Things to See in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg

The idyllic location on the Old Rhine with the offshore islands Nonnenau (reachable by the ferry Johanna), Langenau (Langenau vacation rentals | Langenau travel guide) and Rabenwörth, and the picturesque Rheinauen (Rhine floodplains) have made Ginsheim into a well visited local recreation area. Worth seeing is the Evangelical church, which was built in 1746 as a Baroque hall with a three-sided end. The Altrheinfest (Old Rhine Festival) – on the first weekend in June, organized by local clubs – draws many visitors, even from outside.

Other things to see include a yacht marina, a local history museum (Heimatmuseum) and an historical industrial crane.

Worth seeing in Gustavsburg are the two churches, the Main Sluice, the Mainspitze and the Cramer-Klett-Platz workers' neighbourhood, which now stands under protection as a monument. Every year, a Christmas Market is held there. The greatest yearly festival is the Burgfest ("Castle Festival"), held at Whitsun.

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More about the History of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg

The placename is believed to go back to the Frankish Gimmo family and had its first documentary mention in 1211 as "Ginnensheim" in the "Oculus Memorie" (Eberbach Monastery's goods directory). After the former Imperial village was pledged to Count Dieter von Katzenelnbogen in 1248, history yields other noble families' names such as Falkenstein (Falkenstein vacation rentals | Falkenstein travel guide), Sayen and Isenburg as the village's overlords changed. In 1600, the village ended up in the Hesse-Darmstadt Landgrave Ludwig V's hands. In the Thirty Years' War, the community was so badly battered that from 1634 to 1642, hardly anyone lived there.

Typical trades in Ginsheim in bygone ages are said to have been farmer, fisherman and miller. Milling developed itself into a proper line of industry. At any one time, up to 15 floating watermills were anchored at Ginsheim, with the last one being withdrawn from service in 1929. It was towed to Mainz (Mainz vacation rentals | Mainz travel guide) Harbour where it was placed under protection as a monument until it was destroyed in an air-raid late in the Second World War. This and some other interesting chapters in the local history are on display at the Heimatmuseum.

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The double community of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg in the northwest of Groß-Gerau district in Hesse has about 16,000 inhabitants.

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