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  • Gladenbach Uplands
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    Gladenbach Uplands

    The Gladenbach Uplands (German: Gladenbacher Bergland), named after their central town of Gladenbach, is a range of hills up to 609 m high in the Rhine Massif in Germany, on the junction of the Rothaargebirge (north and northwest), Westerwald (southwest), (Eastern) Hintertaunus (in the south) and West Hesse Highlands in the east. It lies in Central Hesse within the districts of Marburg-Biedenkopf, Lahn-Dill and Gießen within the so-called Lahn-Dill-(Dietzhölze-) loop. Small parts of the Upper Lahn Valley in the northwest belong, together with the town of Bad Laasphe, also to the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein, North Rhine-Westphalia.

    The Gladenbach Uplands are geographical unit 320 which is part of the natural region 32, the Westerwald, in the Germany's system of natural regions.

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Gladenbach Overview

Within the bounds of the community's southern centres of Weidenhausen, Erdhausen, Gladenbach and Mornshausen runs the river Salzböde, which rises in Bad Endbach (Bad Endbach vacation rentals | Bad Endbach travel guide) and flows through the municipal area, then running farther eastwards through the communities of Lohra, Fronhausen and Lollar (Lollar vacation rentals | Lollar travel guide), where it empties into the Lahn at Odenhausen. Farther north in Gladenbach, mostly west-east through the centres of Runzhausen, Bellnhausen, Sinkershausen, Frohnhausen and Friebertshausen runs another river, the Allna, which flows onwards to Weimar (Weimar vacation rentals | Weimar travel guide), likewise emptying into the Lahn. The two waterways are separated from each other by high ridges which even make for a local drainage divide where smaller streams are concerned. Nonetheless, the town of Gladenbach as a whole is commonly said to lie in the Salzböde valley.

An important east-west traffic thoroughfare in Gladenbach is the Federal Highway (Bundesstraße) 255 crossing the municipal area from Marburg (Marburg vacation rentals | Marburg travel guide) through the constituent communities of Weimar and Lohra, leaving the municipal area at Weidenhausen in the area of the Zollbuche ("Customs Beech" – it once marked the border between Hesse-Darmstadt and Hesse-Nassau) southwestwards towards the community of Bischoffen in Lahn-Dill district. The highway runs thence alongside the Aartalsee (a reservoir) on to Herborn (Herborn vacation rentals | Herborn travel guide), ending at Montabaur (Montabaur vacation rentals | Montabaur travel guide). Bundesstraße 453 ends within the town of Gladenbach after running through the community of Dautphetal (Dautphetal vacation rentals | Dautphetal travel guide) to the north and Gladenbach's constituent community of Runzhausen.

Things to See in Gladenbach

Gladenbacher Kirschenmarkt (Cherry Market) (first weekend in July)

Gladenbacher Brunnenmarkt (Wellmarket) (third Sunday in October)

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More about the History of Gladenbach

There happened within Gladenbach's current municipal area, between Mornshausen and Erdhausen in 1822, the so-called Postraub in der Subach, in which a gang of poor farmers and poachers "knocked off" a money-bearing mail coach running between Gladenbach and Gießen in a narrow pass above a small brook called the Subach, making of with the then unheard-of sum of more than 10,000 Gulden. These details and others come from a contemporary police report, which also laid the groundwork for the German made-for-TV film Der plötzliche Reichtum der armen Leute von Kombach ("The sudden wealth of the poor people from Kombach") by Volker Schlöndorff.

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Gladenbach is a town in Hesse, Germany, in the west of Marburg-Biedenkopf district. The town of Gladenbach lies on the eastern edge of the Westerwald in the Hessian Highland (Bergland). This part of the Lahn-Dill Highland is often also called the Gladenbach Uplands. This has arisen from the great degree of correspondence between today's municipal area and the area covered by the historical Amt of Blankenstein, the eastsoutheastern part of the so-called Hessian Hinterland and the later, albeit now former, Biedenkopf district.

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