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Grünstadt Overview

The town lies in the Leiningerland (the lands once held by the Counts of Leiningen) on the northern border of the Palatinate Forest about 10 km north of Bad Dürkheim (Bad Dürkheim vacation rentals | Bad Dürkheim travel guide), 15 km southwest of Worms (Worms vacation rentals | Worms travel guide) and 20 km northwest of Ludwigshafen (Ludwigshafen vacation rentals | Ludwigshafen travel guide) at the point where the German Wine Route crosses the Autobahn A 6. The town’s landmark mountain is the so-called Grünstadter Berg.

Things to See in Grünstadt

In Grünstadt, the tradition of the Stabausstecken has been kept, or has at least been given new life. This is a festival, traditionally held in early March, in which winter is burnt in effigy, an event known as the Winterverbrennung (“Winter Burning”).

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More about the History of Grünstadt

Grünstadt – or rather the southern settlement around Saint Martin’s – had its first documentary mention on 21 November 875, when King Louis the German restored this estate to the Glandern Monastery near Metz. The place was already called Grinstat in this document, and the ownership rights already went back further, as they were only being restored. This settlement, therefore, was considerably older than that 875 document, which had nothing to say about the estate’s buildings. It is assumed to have been a monastery estate with a small church, out of which grew first a Benedictine priory which was newly built several times, and then today’s Protestant Saint Martin’s Church, with the burial place of the House of Leiningen-Westerburg.

In 1726, the first Reformed church service was held in Grünstadt. In the time that followed, the Reformed Church’s followers were subjected to great oppression, mainly by the Lutheran clergy. They were not allowed to build their own church, and they were even forbidden to bury their dead at the local graveyard. They were instead buried in a barn, where the community also met for its services. The Reformed Schultheiß and master tanner Johann Peter Schwartz, especially, put himself forth as the group’s spokesman to defend against this treatment. He wrote to royalty (for instance, King Frederick II of Prussia) and eventually forced formal tolerance of the Reformed Church in the county. Not far from his house (which still bears the initials “JPS” today), on the same spot where their old barn had stood, the Reformed Church’s followers built themselves their own church in 1740, which is now known as the Friedenskirche (“Church of Peace”).

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Grünstadt is a town in the Bad Dürkheim district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany with roughly 13,200 inhabitants. It does not belong to any Verbandsgemeinde – a kind of collective municipality – but is nonetheless the administrative seat of the Verbandsgemeinde of Grünstadt-Land.

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