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Popular Points of Interest in and near Hechingen

  • Hohenzollern Castle
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    Hohenzollern Castle

    Hohenzollern Castle is the ancestral seat of the Prussian Kings and German Emperors as well as the Swabian branch of the Princes of Hohenzollern. It ranks among Europe’s most famous and popular castles. The stunning panorama of the picturesque landscape was admired by Emperor William II (1859-1941) who visited the castle several times and is said to have uttered the view from up here is truly worth a voyage.

    Among the historical artifacts of Prussian history contained in the castle today are the Crown of Wilhelm II and some of the personal effects of Frederick the Great and a letter from U.S. President George Washington thanking Baron von Steuben, a scion of the House of Hohenzollern, for his service in the American Revolutionary War.

    Hours: Open daily; March 16 - October 31, 9am - 5:30 pm. November 1 - March 15, 10am - 4:30 pm.

    Admission: From 5 € adults, 4 € concessions. Guided tours, parking, and optional shuttle service are extra.

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Hechingen Overview

The city of Hechingen is subdivided into a total of 9 city quarters, on top of that the downtown is separated in Oberstadt/Altstadt (Upper Town/Old Town) and Unterstadt (Lower Town). Neighboring cities include: Bodelshausen, Mössingen, Jungingen, Bisingen, Grosselfingen, Rangendingen and Hirrlingen (Hirrlingen vacation rentals | Hirrlingen travel guide).

Things to See in Hechingen


  • Oldtimermuseum Zollernalb
  • Deutsches Kalendermuseum
  • Römisches Freilichtmuseum Hechingen-Stein
  • Hohenzollerisches Landesmuseum im „Alten Schloss“
  • Heimatmuseum Stetten


  • Burg Hohenzoller
  • Stiftskirche St. Jakobus
  • Neues Rathaus
  • Neues Schloss
  • Klosterkirche St. Luzen
  • Schloss Lindich
  • Klosterkirche Stetten

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More about the History of Hechingen

The city was founded in 1255 by the Counts of Hohenzollern as their new capital city. Hechingen is the ancestral home of the Hohenzollern. 1176 the counts of Hohenberg separated from the Counts of Hohenzollern and conquered the cities of Tübingen (Tübingen vacation rentals | Tübingen travel guide), Calw (Calw vacation rentals | Calw travel guide) and Horb and on top of that they founded the city of Rottenburg. 1218 the Burgraves of Nuremberg (Nuremberg vacation rentals | Nuremberg travel guide) separated from them. Later the burgraves became the famous kings of Brandenburg and the last German emperors. The Zollern bought much land near Straßburg and in the area of the Donau. At the end of the 13 Century the Counts of Hohenberg and the Hohenzollern started a war, because both wanted to get the whole olde County of Scherra. The Ducs of Württemberg, the Ducs of Urach and the Ducs of Veringen were also included in this war. 1267 the Zollern attacked Haigerloch, but shurly they were also battles in Ebingen, Schoemberg, Rottenburg, Horb and Hechingen. The Hohenbergs conquered the cities of Binsdorf and Schömberg. In the following time the Hohenbergs attacked Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide) and won against Württemberg but they also had a battle in Reutlingen (Reutlingen vacation rentals | Reutlingen travel guide) and Balingen (Balingen vacation rentals | Balingen travel guide) against the counts form Urach and the counts from Hohenzollern, which were both lost. 1286 the war was ended with a peace agreement in Rottweil (Rottweil vacation rentals | Rottweil travel guide). In this time Hechingen burned down two times and the city also lost his rich population. In the following time the County was separated into three parts on order of the King of Germany, because the Hohenzollern were including the Hohenbergs and the Burgraves of Nurmberg excessive. The Hohenbergs became so poor that they sold everything to Württemberg and small parts to the Hohenzollern. The Hohenzollern had to sold their countries in the black forest, but finally they got so poor that they sold nearly everything and the swabian citybound destroyed the castle in 1423. The counts of Nürnberg, which had already become margraves of Brandenburg tried, but failed, to end this conflict peacefully. Count Friedrich XII and his brother Eitelfriedrich sold what they got and signed to give their rights to the dukes of Württemberg, but Eitelfriedrich bought much of his former land back, abolished the contract, and had a son at the age of 48. His son rebuilt the castle of Hohenzollern. Count Eitelfriedrich IV got some territories around Sigmaringen (Sigmaringen vacation rentals | Sigmaringen travel guide) from the German emperor and bought parts of the old Hohenberg county back. In 1567 the lines of Sigmaringen, Haigerloch and Hechingen. The line of Sigmaringen was very fast integrated in the line of the Sigmaringen. In 1867 the line of Hechingen died too. The princes of Sigmaringen became kings of Romania and the princes of Hechingen tried with the help from their relatives in Berlin (Berlin vacation rentals | Berlin travel guide) to get kings of Spain. They almost achieved it, but the danger of a war emanating from France was so big that they had to decline. The town was retained by the Swabian or junior line of the Hohenzollern dynasty until it was ceded to the senior, Prussian, line in 1850. Hechingen was subsequently administered within the Prussian Province of Hohenzollern. It became part of Württemberg-Hohenzollern after World War II and Baden-Württemberg in 1952.

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Hechingen is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It was the capital of the district of Hechingen and is located under the hill and castle Hohenzollern, aprox 60 kilometers south of Stuttgart and 90 kilometers north of the Lake Constance and the swiss border.

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